Hiring and Retention

Creating a diverse workforce from a remote worker environment

Employee diversity is a critical factor in the building of a healthy workforce, and with many companies moving towards a remote workforce, it’s now easier than ever to expand your talent pool. It’s a good time to focus on recruiting and building that diverse workforce.

Recruiting A Diverse Workforce

As your employees are working from home it no longer matters where they live, meaning talent can be recruited from anywhere. Many desired industries are located in city centers that are unaffordable and lack diversity, but as location bias is eliminated the talent pool grows. This means that managers can expand their search for more qualified candidates that were previously inaccessible.  

Some companies may pursue a decentralized workforce in the hopes that it can help manage corporate salary costs as a function of the employee’s cost of living in their local area. For example, the cost of living in Kansas City is not as expensive as San Francisco. A California based company seeking to save money on salary could hire qualified employees from the Midwest and attribute a portion of savings towards employee perks such as company paid broadband or fiber. This is a great perk that also benefits the organization with increased productivity. 

HR departments should take the time to calibrate compensation packages to ensure that everyone is paid fairly, without bias. This will help cultivate a culture within the organization to which everyone feels they belong. Creating a culture of inclusion will drive diversity and bring different views and ideas into the company, ultimately helping the business grow and reach markets that it couldn’t in the past. 

A remote employee base lends a new opportunity for HR departments to hire a diverse workforce and to create support mechanisms that help keep them productive and part of the larger team, wherever they may be located. Diversity matters within an organization.  

Is this the time for your organization to update hiring policies?