Hiring and Retention

Empowering your remote employees

Employees have been growing more distributed in the workforce for years, but COVID-19 forced companies to go fully remote. Even with the shift from office to home, productivity has remained steady, even increasing in some surveys

A new study conducted by IBM® shows that three-quarters of employees would like to continue working from home, and over half (54%) would rather make working from home permanent. And there are even some companies who have announced that they will give all employees the option to make working from home permanent, including payment processed Square® and social media company Twitter®.  

Autonomy can get lonely for remote workers, and without functioning equipment an employee can feel lost. Providing your remote workforce with new tech and supporting that tech is essential in the new working environment.  

To help your remote workforce acclimate to this new norm you must listen to them, engage with them, empowering them by making sure they have all the resources necessary to do their jobs.