Hiring and Retention

How to increase your remote employee diversity

Increasing employee diversity can benefit your company in multiple ways—from improving the bottom line to retaining employees—according to recent research from McKinsey® and Deloitte®. The process, however, takes time, effort, and the right strategy, even when your teams are remote. Here are three tips that can make a big difference. 

Focus on the individual 

When employees aren’t required to live in a particular city or commute to the office, it allows your company to reach a more diverse group of qualified candidates. Yet some hiring managers still put too much emphasis on geography. Encourage your HR team to focus on recruiting someone based on experience and quality of work, rather than their zip code.  

Another tip: Post job descriptions that limit potential hiring biases. Programs like Textio® can help you create job listings with gender-neutral language, while others like Entelo™ redact names, schools, photos, and other information that can be used for or against a candidate.  

Offer great perks 

Living expenses, family responsibilities, and other priorities can impact the type of candidates your company attracts. One solution is to offer flexible work schedules. A study by Citrix® shows doing so doesn’t affect performance, but it can help your team hire and retain employee diversity — from people with disabilities to those in the military reserve.  

Make sure your company also offers competitive pay, healthcare benefits, and vacation days. Then, have your HR team assess salaries on a regular basis to match the market rate. This ensures there are no pay disparities between certain candidates. It also helps you hire and retain top talent.  

Don’t look for the “perfect fit” 

Company culture is an important part of any job, and it should be inclusive. Instead of looking for candidates that simply “fit in,” teams should focus on those who add value. Not only will this help you build a diverse workforce, it will drive innovation and help the company grow in the future.