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Are aging VPNs hampering work in the remote world?

As companies have moved a large percentage of their workforce to remote in the last six months, capacity is becoming problematic for old technology infrastructure.  As mentioned in Forbes, VPNs (or Virtual Private Networks), used to manage off-site technology access and security, are built on 30 year old architecture that is often clunky and prone to slowness.  

But as many software services shift to the cloud, decades old VPN tech is becoming obsolete. 

VPNs were designed around the assumption that most applications resided on the corporate network; they used to be an essential tool for connecting remotely. However, many businesses have embraced cloud services as they try to eliminate internal data centers and support a dramatic increase in remote working.


Traditional VPNs may no longer make sense as our world continues to shift towards remote work. Rather, it may be time for your organization to investigate cloud-based security services designed to keep up in this user access across devices and around the world.