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Shut the front door! Are your employee’s home WiFi routers a security risk?

WiFi routers are admittedly a little boring when it comes to home technology gadgets, but they are one of the most important. It’s the single point of control monitoring all incoming and outgoing internet traffic – a front door, if you will. 

If the front door of your house is weak, or broken, you’re inviting all sorts of chaos indoors. This should be a top concern for security-minded IT departments with an expansive network of remote employees. One employee’s security negligence could open the door to access valuable corporate assets and data.  

Wired Magazine offers some helpful tips to ensure every employee is adequately securing and protecting their home network. 

It’s essential to keep your router secure. The good news is these steps aren’t too difficult or time-consuming, and they’ll significantly reduce your risk.

Wired Magazine

Encouraging employees to take a few simple steps to secure passwords, update firmware, and disable weak settings will go a long ways in protecting your company’s valuable assets.