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Tech Tools Your Remote Workers Need To Succeed

Encouraging employees to work remotely can benefit your company—from saving money to improving performance. In 2017, for instance, a survey by the career site FlexJobs® found that 66% of workers said they would be more productive working from home. One of the key factors in their success is having the right tech tools. Here’s the equipment and software your staff needs to succeed. 

Vital hardware 

Your remote employees need a computer to complete their tasks, and it should be fast and dependable. A strong, reliable internet connection is equally critical. To make their remote work station just as convenient as their desk in the office, consider giving them accessories as well, including a keyboard, a mouse, a printer, a headset, a docking station, and an external monitor—along with the cords to connect and charge their devices.  And if your employees will be traveling, a mobile phone to round out their tech tools is probably necessary so they can stay connected on the go. 

Essential software  

The type of software your workers need will vary, but there are certain programs that everyone should have. To connect with teammates directly or for department-wide discussions, communication apps like Slack® or Microsoft Teams® are critical. So are video conferencing apps for meetings; well-known options include Zoom™ and Skype®. 

Meetings are important, but so is getting work done, which makes a software suite like Microsoft 365™ a must-have; it includes programs such as Word™, Excel™, PowerPoint®, and Outlook®. Your team also needs to store their work, so consider file-sharing programs like Google Drive™, Dropbox™, or Microsoft OneDrive®. And for your project managers, task-organizing software like Asana® or Trello® will allow everyone to follow the progress of assignments. 

With employees using their personal Wi-Fi for work, data security could become an issue. Keep your company’s information safe by adding virtual private network (VPN) software to their machines, like NordVPN Teams™ or Perimeter 81™. Finally, your IT technicians need a way to access workers’ computers when they experience tech issues. Remote desktop software like TeamViewer Tensor® or ConnectWise Control® will let them quickly fix problems so business can keep moving.