Tech Expert: Chelsea’s Story

Tech Expert: Chelsea’s Story

Training gives you good reflexes.

Chelsea provides personal tech support to her customer by restoring her customer’s family memories by using Verizon’s Message Plus to restore her text messages.

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Chelsea was asked to restore important text messages that were thought to be unrecoverable.

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Tech Expert Story – Chelsea
Training gives you good reflexes.

Chelsea: I had a customer, her name was Barbara, and she had called in because she had deleted all of her text messages. And I could tell in the tone of her voice that those messages were significantly important to her. Later, I found out that she had lost a very dear friend to her. And those text messages were all that she could remember her by.

Chelsea was initially doubtful the text messages could be restored.

Chelsea: I was thinking of way to tell her, “M’am, I’m not sure if we’ll be able to get these message back but I’ll do everything I can. I promised you that in the beginning and I’ll continue to do it. And I thought, let me go back. Training. Verizon messages, Message Plus. OK, maybe we have another way to get these messages back. And as soon as I told her that. OK, I have some energy back. we can go, we can get these messages. And, as soon as we downloaded the app, it was one click and all of a sudden the messages appeared. Like, they came back. She was just screaming. I was screaming. We were all just happy together. I felt it, I felt a weight lifted off her shoulders and off my shoulders because I know how important those messages were to her.

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