Soluto Tech Expert: Kelexus’s Story

Soluto Tech Expert: Kelexus’s Story

Accomplishment is contagious.

Kelexus overcomes a challenge by helping a customer with his first smartphone and navigates him through a multi-step process to setup his Optimum email account.  As a Soluto Tech Expert, Kelexus helps herself and her customers accomplish something big.

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Kelexus helped a customer get up and running with his first smartphone.

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Soluto Story – Kelexus
Accomplishment is contagious.

Kelexus: He was very excited. His exact words were “I’m ecstatic. I’m excited. I have a new phone and I can’t wait to learn about it.”

Kelexus helps “David” with his first smartphone.

Kelexus: He was like, “Kelexus, I have three major things I want to do.” He wanted to transfer his Optimum email from his old phone to his new phone. He wanted to get his lock screen setup so his widgets wouldn’t constantly move and he wouldn’t butt dial and he wanted to pair his bluetooth with his new Hyundai Sonata.

The customer’s Optimum email account proved challenging to move over to his new smartphone.

Kelexus: The actions took three attempts. The first attempt, it was an error code saying that it didn’t match properly because the port number was reverting. So then the second time we did a power cycle. Kind of cleared it all out. We entered it but he messed up on his email address. And the third time, I was logged into the phone I actually made sure his email address was correct. I made sure the service settings did not revert back and it was successful. I was definitely proud. I was very excited. I fed off his energy. He was excited and by listening to his excitement, him yelling over the phone saying, “Yay, I did it”. It made me feel like we accomplished something big.

Kelexus’ mother works in the medical field yet they both share a common purpose.

Kelexus: My Mom is definitely proud of me. She asks me often, “What is it that you do?” and I definitely tell her, “Everyday I help someone.” So I kind of followed my Mom in that role and everyday with Tech Coach I’m eligible to accomplish that role.

How have you grown?

Kelexus: With Asurion and the training with the side-by-sides and with the open door policy I was definitely able to learn more and become the tech queen.

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