Tech Expert: Michael’s Story

Tech Expert: Michael’s Story

It’s about making personal connections.

Michael makes a personal connection with a customer while helping restore her photos from cloud storage on a stolen phone. With a lifetime of experience in the corporate workforce, Michael shows he has a greater appreciation of the culture at Asurion and comments how working as a Tech Expert has brought him new experiences every day.

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Michael assisted a customer with backing up photos after her device was stolen.

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Tech Expert Story – Michael
It’s about making personal connections.

Michael: This call came in. The lady was very upset, she was very frantic. She just been robbed, then it comes out that she’s in Paris. And all I’m doing was listening and it’s not so much about the robbery. It’s all about the phone and the photographs that are on this phone.

Michael quickly reassured the customer her photos were backed up automatically.

Michael: I finally was able to tell her, “We’ve got your photos, I can’t find the phone but I can tell you we got the photos. “You got my photos”, you know. “You got my photos.” I mean this was, I thought the lady was going to cry. Yeah, it’s just a great feeling all around. That everything is working, we can get this stuff saved for them.

With a lifetime of experience in the corporate workforce, Michael has a greater appreciation of the culture at Asurion.

Michael: My career started at General Motors in Flint, Michigan working on the assembly line and what a transformation over a lifetime. Like when I go to work now and my kids are in the breakroom playing on video games and they got full size chess sets in there. And it’s just amazing, it’s not even like going to work for me. I mean, I walk into work everyday and it’s always fun. There’s always something going on.

Every day there is a new story…

Michael: I had an elderly gentleman one time. He would have probably been in his Eighties or Nineties. He had joined one of these christian singles Clubs and all these women were sending him connections on his phone. And his phone was dinging all the time because he was getting all of these notifications all the time and he wanted it to stop. I told him, “Well, you’re just so popular Charlie!” So, as I told you there’s a story every day.

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