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You’re a digital superhero who saves others around you.

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You’re a digital superhero who saves others around you.


No mask can hide your enthusiasm for technology. You’ve grown to accept new ways of doing things and trust tech to help you along the way. Online banking? You can’t imagine life without it. That new tablet? You’re recommending it to everyone you know.


Not only are you a lifesaver for your less tech-savvy friends, you’re also not afraid to trust new tools and try out new solutions. When you see something that makes sense, you go for it and encourage others to do the same. And if they’re smart, your peers—especially the Tech Tanks in your life—will take your advice.


Because you can get so excited about technology, you can also be easily let down when something doesn’t work. Don’t let a frozen phone ruin your day. There are ways to fix it quickly, especially if you have device protection.


You want tech to help you make your life more enjoyable and efficient. You love getting things done, but you also want to have fun online—from streaming TV shows and movies to connecting your smart home.


You don’t need to be persuaded to try new gadgets or tools, but you do need an easier way to discover them on your own. Sometimes new product launches and reviews can feel overwhelming. Don’t let them be your kryptonite. Use your network of friends and family to fill you in, just like you would for them.

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