You’re smart, tech-savvy, and always willing to try something new.

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You’re smart, tech-savvy, and always willing to try something new.


You’re not first in line when a new product comes out. But you’re open to trying new tech—from smart speakers to grocery store apps. You’ve heard about the latest tools, but you don’t always know where to start.


Shape-shifting to adapt to change comes naturally to you, and it’s a great skill to have. The people around you can often persuade you to try new digital tools, but it’s your flexibility and open mind that allows you to enjoy them.


Continue being open to trying new tech, but remember: You don’t need every new gadget. Just because someone in your circle finds a device useful doesn’t mean it’s going to benefit you. But check it out before you decide.


You want to do more than just live life, you want to enjoy it. That means exploring what’s around you, learning from others, and finding new ways of doing things. Try using gadgets that are unfamiliar to you: a streaming player, a smart thermostat, or a fitness tracker.


You need a tech crusader, someone who is responsible and knowledgeable to rescue you from indecision. Have someone in mind? Let them recommend new tech tools. You also may need them to explain why these gadgets can make your life more convenient.

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