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You approach the world of technology at your own pace.

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You approach the world of technology at your own pace.


You may not know the difference between a virtual assistant and virtual reality, and this lack of knowledge can leave you confused and often inconvenienced, unless you have someone there to help.


No, it’s not flying; it’s your ability to embrace your smartphone. While you could probably use more of its features, you get a lot done with this device. Texting? Check. Deleting emails? Done. Portrait mode selfies? Well, you’ll get there eventually.


Change is inevitable, especially when it comes to technology. There’s always going to be a new gadget or tool that you may not know how to use. If you don’t get it right away, that’s OK. Keep at it.


You want for everything to go as planned. And when problems arise—your phone dies, or worse, you can’t find it—you’d like someone to solve them for you, hassle free.


It’s easy to get frustrated when technology isn’t working right, or you just don’t understand it. So, to simplify your life, you may need a little guidance. It may feel like you’re bugging your tech-savvy friends and family by asking them so many questions, but they’re always there to help.

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