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Tech Tips

Our experts help keep you connected and get the most out of your gadgets.

Music syncing across Alexa devices
How to play music on all of your Alexa devices

Discover how to listen to music on all of your Alexa devices at the same time in a few easy steps.

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Why won't my smart TV connect to Wi-Fi?

Asurion Experts show you what to do if your smart TV suddenly won't connect to Wi-Fi, even when it's working on other devices.

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Woman in new home with smart tech
Best smart gadgets for your new home

Asurion Experts share their guide to the best smart gadgets for automating and connecting your new home.

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Steam Deck casting to TV or monitor
How to connect your Steam Deck to a TV or monitor

Want to experience your Steam Deck on a larger screen? Asurion Experts explain how to cast your Steam Deck to a TV or monitor.

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iPhone with broken back glass
How to repair cracked iPhone back glass

What you need to know about fixing an iPhone with a cracked back glass, from DIY repair options to when to turn to a pro for help with back glass replacement.

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Child's hands on laptop
How to kid-proof your electronic devices

Learn how to make your electronic devices kid friendly and keep them protected.

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Man in living room playing games on his new smart TV
What to look for when buying a new smart TV

Learn what features and specifications to prioritize when you’re shopping for a new smart TV.

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Person updating drivers on laptop
How to update computer drivers—and why you need to

Discover why keeping your computer up to date is important and get step-by-step instructions on how to update drivers.

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