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AT&T HomeTech Protection Frequently Asked Questions

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What types of failures are covered by AT&T HomeTech Protection?

Which devices are covered for damage?

Is there a fee charged for an approved claim?

Is there a limit on how many devices are covered by HomeTech Protection and how many claims I can file?

When does my HomeTech Protection coverage start?

How do I cancel HomeTech Protection?

What technical support is provided with HomeTech Protection?

How do I get technical support from an expert?

When and how often can I call for technical support?

How do I file a claim for a product that’s malfunctioning?

How do I track a HomeTech Protection claim I filed?

How do I track my claim limits?

When I file a claim, what kind of replacement product will I receive?

Are smartphones covered?

What if I have Protect Advantage for 4 and HomeTech Protection? How do I know which plan to use?

How do I know if my tablet or smart watch is connected or non-connected to know whether it’s covered under HomeTech Protection?

Does this plan cover devices for loss and theft?