Common Candidate Questions

Life at Asurion

Common Candidate Questions

Interviewing with a new company can be daunting, even if you’ve done your research. To help our prospective candidates be even better prepared when meeting with us, we sat down with MacKenzie Wheeler, Technology Recruiting Team Lead, and Alexia Hoff, Professional Recruiter, to discuss some of the most frequently asked questions by our US-based job applicants.

What does Asurion do?

For the past 20 years, we have been helping people across the globe balance the interdependency between life and technology. We partner with leading wireless companies, retailers, cable, and satellite providers to ensure 290 million consumers’ devices and appliances. With more than 40 offices around the world, our global headquarters is located in Nashville, TN and our European headquarters is located in London, England.

What is the interview process?

Typically, once a resume has been reviewed and the recruiter has determined an individual is a good match to the role, the recruiter will conduct an initial phone interview.  The next step is a phone or video interview with the hiring manager, and lastly, for candidate finalists, in-person interviews with the hiring manager and other team members. Depending on the location of team members, interviews could take place via phone or video.

What’s the company environment like?

We work hard, but love our casual environment, where many people wear jeans to work. Our culture encourages team members to make a difference every day — for our clients, customers, and themselves. We consider the atmosphere to be rewarding, ensuring that every team member has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

What is your PTO policy?

Our exempt roles benefit from an open-ended, “take as needed” PTO policy and our non-exempt roles accrue time off.

Are there work from home or remote opportunities?

While this depends on the role and the role’s requirements, many of our employees are able to enjoy splitting time between the office and home. We also have many individuals who work remotely, as they are not near one of our offices.

Do you offer relocation?

For certain roles, we do provide relocation assistance.

What kind of career growth is available?

No matter what role or department, employees are always encouraged to continue their professional growth with us. Our internal job board allows employees to view and apply for open roles.