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8 easy ways to optimize phone battery health 

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Everyone wants their phone to last as long as possible, and optimizing your phone's battery health can help extend its lifespan and improve performance. To help you keep your tech in top condition, AT&T ProTech experts have created a list of eight simple tips to maximize your phone battery's life and longevity. 

1. Avoid Extreme Temperatures 

Why It Matters: Extreme heat or cold can significantly impact your battery's health. 

What to Do: Keep your phone out of direct sunlight and avoid leaving it in cold environments for extended periods. Ideally, your phone should be kept between 32°F (0°C) and 95°F (35°C). 

2. Use Optimized Charging 

Why It Matters: Charging your phone overnight can lead to overcharging, which strains the battery. 

What to Do: Many modern smartphones have optimized charging features that learn your charging habits and reduce the speed of charging once it reaches 80%. Enable this feature in your phone’s settings if available. 

3. Avoid Using Cheap Chargers 

Why It Matters: Inexpensive or counterfeit chargers can deliver inconsistent power, which can damage your battery. 

What to Do: Use the charger that came with your phone or purchase certified replacements. Look for chargers that are compatible with your phone's charging standards. 

4. Turn Off Unnecessary Features 

Why It Matters: Features like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS consume a lot of power even when you're not using them. 

What to Do: Turn off these features when they're not needed. Many phones have a quick settings menu that allows you to toggle these features on and off easily. 

5. Lower Screen Brightness 

Why It Matters: The display is one of the biggest power consumers on your phone. 

What to Do: Lower the screen brightness or enable auto-brightness, which adjusts the brightness based on your environment. You can also reduce the screen timeout duration to save power. 

6. Enable Battery Saver Mode 

Why It Matters: Battery saver mode limits background activity and reduces performance to extend battery life. 

What to Do: Enable this mode when your battery is running low or if you know you’ll be away from a charger for an extended period. Most smartphones allow you to customize battery saver settings. 

7. Manage App Usage 

Why It Matters: Some apps consume more power than others, especially ones running constantly in the background. 

What to Do: Check your battery usage in the settings to see which apps are draining your battery the most. Consider uninstalling or limiting the use of these apps. Close apps running in the background when not in use. 

8. Keep Your Software Updated 

Why It Matters: Software updates often include bug fixes and improvements that can enhance battery performance. 

What to Do: Regularly check for and install updates for both your phone’s operating system and the apps you use. Enable automatic updates to ensure you always have the latest versions. 

Maintaining your phone's battery health doesn’t have to be complicated. By following these eight simple tips, you can extend your battery’s lifespan, ensuring your phone stays charged and ready to go when you need it most. Remember, small changes can make a big difference in the long run. 

And if you're having other battery issues, it may be time to seek assistance from a professional. AT&T Protect Advantage customers can check their battery online or chat with a ProTech expert for help. 

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