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4.8 out of 5 stars

12,000,000+ REVIEWS

“Phone screen was crushed. Asurion replaced it next day.”


“Screen cracked and in one day we had a replacement!”



4.7/5 stars | 10,000+ REVIEWS

“Asurion, you guys are the best! “


4.8 stars | 12,000,000+ REVIEWS

“Asurion, you guys are the best! “


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your service sucks!! it just takes 10 min online claim BS! your "System" canceled my claim # 109057997862 , I uploaded the affidavit and Id, a day ago an you sent me an email where it was approved and I had to make the payment, so now there is no claim and i have to make another claim so now I cant get my phone on october 3rd, now I have to keep waiting!! your representatives wants me to call tomorrow with? I have no phone! Stupids! I pay 13dollars a month for an insurance with sprint!

Fraud, that's what your company is. Won't replace my screen that broke and told that because I'm out of the zip code you won't replace. Wtf am I paying you for?

I was sent a replacement phone a few days ago. I am unable to erase my personal info from the old one. I don't want to send it in the provided mailer without it being at factory default settings. Verizon tech support told me to restart the device. That didn't help. Any ideas?

Still haven't recieved my email for my reinburstment almost 2 weeks later. They recieved the phone the very next day after i sent it out and I had to call them over a week after i sent it just to see if it arrived. It had 7 days prior! No one called, emailed or text me about it. Ive been told 3 different stories 3 different times. NEVER again, and you best bet BBB gets a call from me over the crap service and major ripoff scam Ausurion is running.

Absolute work customer service I have ever had... After 6 phone calls (because your "interactive site" that you shove down everyone's throat doesn't answer all questions) I was finally able to speak to someone without the automated service hanging up on me. Awesome. Only to get a cs rep tell me that the claim I was guarenteed went through the day before didn't go through. What?!? And I was only calling to verify a shipment number for the phine we were expecting TODAY. Cute joke. But to find out the claim didn't go through because my son didn't deactivate his icloud account from the damaged phone Blew My Mind! I'm a Galaxy user, no idea. Then they ask if I could call him to get the info... ummmm... no, his phone's broke, remember? Maybe if I had known this yesterday when I spoke to someone I could've gotten this done last night when I saw my son in person. These people are really on the ball! Not everything can be handled by a website, trust me, I would love to by pass the fools that work for you but I can't. Rounds 5,6, & 7 of calling will occur shortly. Because none of us work and we have all the time in the world to dance... Wish me luck!

I wonder if that's one of the standard Asurion junk refurb phones that you send out to whoever files a claim?

Asurion is the WORST insurance company!!! I have bee dealing with them for almost 2 months now, for my S6 Edge phone, I was told on Monday that I will receive the product within 2 business days, which was supposedly tomorrow, Called them today for I still have not receive any tracking #, so I can check the status of it, I was surprised to know that they don't have the product anymore and they wanted me to send my phone so they can reimburse me. WTF!!! PLEASE never get the insurance from them.

Terrible company to deal with

I received an email with a link to a shipping label for the return of my DOA CD/DVD player, but when I click on the "Print Label" button, I get the message that I have clicked on a broken link. I can right click on the page and select "Print", but I am unsure if the reduced size of the label will pass UPS muster. You need to send links that work. SR#105532255.

I was sent a new phone and within a 13 day period that new phone stopped working I sent it back in the return package and am now waiting, are you going to send me a new one again?

Hello, I recently purchased an iPod from the military exchange. I also purchased a warranty through Asurion. The sales associate told me to register on your website, but I do not see where to do that. Can you send me the link, please.

How can I return my Verizon phone. I received no envelope or shipping label

trying to find out how to redo my start up password we cant remember

David C. Dibbern Asurion is a scam. I get another story every time I call. I have been lied to so many times. They make it so hard to process a claim that you want to give up. If you take all the time on the phone, driving to ups store and back, on hold, I have well over 10 hours in this claim for a $39 object. Really? Not only that but they have had my item as I shipped back and still dont have my reimbursement card!

I see people complaining but I've had nothing but good service. I had some bad luck with a replacement but they made sure to take care of me with out any hassles and got me my new phone . Extremely happy with them

My son need a new battery for his insured Samsung galaxy s4 that works good. He was told by one person that the battery is no longer available so he needs to buy a new 1. That is not a good answer so I figure to call your company's # but instead I heard tons of offerings and at the end it let me know the # change then it's t mobile but we are with Verizon. Can someone send us a new battery please!

Yes how can I change my shipping address since it already printed on my return lable

I need 888 number to make deductible payment but was cut off

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