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Scanly LoWhen I bought the cell phone and paying $10 per month for the Asurion protection plan, and I got the letter (uploaded) shows that the replacement service fee is $149, but today the guy called Marcel who is working at the Asurion told me that the replacement service fee is $249. I asked him why, he told me because the price went up. But I told him I have a legal document from your company shows that the replacement service fee is only $149. He told me it doesn't matter what the letter shows, the price went up is went up. I also don't understand the cell phone is getting old, but the replacement price is getting higher? It doesn't make any sense.

2 days ago

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Kathy A CribbsI think they block anything that isn't stroking their feathers!

3 days ago

Miio Dahmerim trying to ask a question but i dont get replies at all it seem like they block me

3 days ago

William DangAfter 1 week awaiting with the promise that I will get the replacement with a better model! I also had multiple calls and chats to confirm that what they commit to me ( I still keep the transcript). Today, when I contacted back to ask about my replacement, the "FRIENDLY" agent told me that they will only deal with the same model and RECOMMEND me to get the check and go to ATT store to get the replacement MYSELF. Unless Asurion promised initially to replace me a better model and asked me to wait a week, I would be OK to get my old model (ip7+ 32GB). If you cannot do something, you SHOULD NOT promise. It is really simple principle.

16 hours ago

Potrick BoudreyaxD.

7 days ago

Scanly LoAsurion is a scam.

2 days ago

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