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For service providers

ServiceBench provides users with a 360˚ view of service events

Real time insight into your business and customer's repair journey.

End-to-end network management

Build and maintain complex networks. Real time visibility into performance of network. Distribute work to the most qualified service providers and control costs and customer experience. Proactively identify coverage gaps to ensure you have adequate number of service companies in all markets.

3 steps to track my technician

Enhance the customer experience

Customer service reps schedule repairs based on various service provider attributes. Improve communication all around.

  • Customer self service
  • Send timely customer communications
  • No contact features to keep everyone safe
  • Generate customer invoice, process credit card payment
Service Bench dashboard on iPad screen

Real time data and analytics

Dashboards and analytics help you monitor service experience. Use historical data to analyze information during service process.

  • Highlight exceptions before they turn into escalations
  • Correlate service network performance to drive volume to top providers that exceed metrics
  • Track failure data to share across organization
  • Ability to schedule and send information to teams based on KPIs / control limits
male typing on laptop

Claims processing

Online system unifies all service providers and integrates with your enterprise systems.

  • Control costs through business rules
  • Real time automated claims submission & approval
  • Incorporate service history, entitlement and product registration data into claims processing rules.
  • Data elements captured can be used to analyze total cost of service

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