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Comprehensive Mobile Phone After-Sales Support Only With Starhub

AUG 26, 2013

StarHub, in collaboration with Asurion, the global leader in technology protection services, today introduced Singapore’s first mobile phone after-sales support plan for its mobile post-paid customers. With SmartSupport, customers can easily seek remote technical support for their phone or replace a defective or misplaced phone in as soon as four hours. In addition, they can use the SmartSupport mobile app to back up phone data in the cloud as well as enjoy a suite of mobile security and privacy utilities.

“Many customers are concerned about misplacing or damaging their phones as losing invaluable data, such as contacts, photos and videos can be agonizing, even if it’s only for a brief moment,” said Mr. Chan Kin Hung, head of personal solutions, StarHub. “We are very happy to offer SmartSupport, which enables our customers to enjoy complete peace-of-mind, from getting a replacement phone quickly and easily to knowing that their data is backed up securely. With StarHub’s SmartSupport, assistance is just a phone call or mouse click away.”

“Asurion is the world’s largest provider of handset protection services, partnering with leading mobile carriers in markets including the United States and Japan, to serve more than 115 million subscribers across the globe,” said Mr Bob McDougall, general manager, Asurion Asia Pacific. “Today, we are proud to extend our mobile support services to even more customers by partnering with Singapore’s StarHub.”

Customers who have technical issues with their phone can call the SmartSupport helpdesk experts who will provide remote troubleshooting or offer essential tips on getting started with a new phone, such as importing mobile contacts and discovering new features. The SmartSupport hotline is open from 8 am to 12 midnight daily and will operate around-the-clock by the end of the year.

If a SmartSupport user needs to swap or replace the enrolled phone, he or she can initiate a service request by calling the SmartSupport hotline. For successfully processed service requests before 2pm from Monday to Saturday, the customer will receive the replacement phone in as soon as four hours within Singapore. The service is also available if the customer loses the phone overseas.

StarHub also recognizes that mobile users are even more concerned about the personal information stored in their phone. Using the SmartSupport app and web portal at, customers can enjoy a data backup service that stores contacts, photos and videos in the cloud as well as conveniently retrieves backed-up content and transfers them to the replacement mobile phone. Other features include locating the misplaced phone, remotely wiping the data and scanning the phone for malware and malicious apps.

Beginning September 27, customers who sign up for or renew their StarHub Mobile post-paid plan with a new Samsung GALAXY Note 3 or Samsung GALAXY S4, can subscribe to SmartSupport. The service will be available for any new mobile phone purchase from StarHub by November.

Please see below for details on SmartSupport:

Smart Support Chart

*International shipping charges apply; local delivery is free-of-charge
**Subject to time of request and delivery location
***Due to certain OS restrictions, features may not be compatible across all mobile platforms

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