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Woman standing in her kitchen looking at her phone while it's charging
AT&T Protect Advantage

Get to know your benefits

Woman pairing a device with her phone

New device setup

If you find yourself asking, “How do I…,” “Can I…,” or “Help!” a ProTech is ready to answer your questions. Our ProTech experts can assist in activating your device, transferring your info, and setting up voicemail.

A man picking up his dropped phone with a cracked screen

Replace or repair

Losing or breaking your device shouldn’t ruin your day. We can repair or replace it as soon as the same day.

Performance Promise

Keep your device running at its best with periodic checkups and in-person sessions to improve speed, signal and battery performance, even get your phone sanitized and cleaned. If your battery isn't working like it should, a ProTech expert will let you know if the battery is eligible for replacement.

A couple sitting by the ocean looking at their photos on their phone

Unlimited photo and video storage

Free up storage for apps and other files while keeping your precious memories safe.

Enjoy at no extra cost

Count on automatic backup and syncing

Put your entire photo collection at your fingertips

A customer holding his phone with a scan complete message

Streaming support

Set up and optimize AT&T streaming services for the best entertainment experience.

Minimize buffering so your movie keeps streaming

Identify WiFi dead zones

Improve your WiFi speed

An Asurion expert assisting a customer on a virtual visit

Not enrolled yet?

Pick the coverage that’s right for you and relax knowing that your mobile world is protected.