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Breaking the habit: 7 tips for a healthier relationship with your tech

How to balance life and technology

Dependency on our technology has become a growing theme in past years. Digital distractions are all around us, and our phones can often be the biggest culprit. We use them for everything from work, to tracking our health and fitness, to keeping up with our children's extracurricular activities. In fact, we feel so attached to our phones that recent surveys indicate that more than 70% of us sleep with them within reach.

If you feel like you need to take some time to disconnect to reconnect, you're not alone. The good news is, there are easy steps you can take to improve your tech-life balance. Asurion Experts are here to help with all of your tech care needs—check out these seven tips and tricks they recommend to help you be more mindful of time spent online.

1. Keep track of your screen time

Nowadays, most phones offer an easy way for you to see how much screentime you're logging daily. Just seeing the numbers can be a great incentive to take control of your time, and to stop aimlessly using your phone out of habit.

On Android™ devices, go to Settings > Digital Wellbeing and parental controls. On iPhone®, go to Settings > Screen Time.

2. Limit your app notifications

Fear of missing out, commonly known as FOMO, is a phenomenon that leads many of us to check our phones and social feeds often—after all, are we really living our best life if we didn't catch Molly's latest TikTok of her new puppy? Luckily, there is a cure for FOMO. Go to Settings > Notifications and turn off any unnecessary app push notifications so you won't be tempted by beeps and dings. For more ways to avoid FOMO, check out our article on how to reduce your social media usage.

3. Turn on Do Not Disturb mode

When you need a mental break during the day, try turning on your phone's Do Not Disturb mode. This setting delivers notifications and calls without using sounds or alerts, making it ideal for times when you'd rather not be distracted by your phone. You can turn on Do Not Disturb manually, or schedule it for whenever you'd like. You can also set exceptions in case you're waiting on an important call.

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4. Power down at least half an hour before bedtime

In a recent Asurion survey, 62% of people say they've stayed up past their desired bedtime because they lost track of time while using their phone. Get better rest by removing your phone from the sleep equation. Recent updates in both the iPhone and Android operating systems have built-in digital wellbeing features that can help make this change to your bedtime prep even easier. Bonus tip: charge your phone somewhere other than right beside your bed to be less tempted to pick it up and start mindlessly scrolling.

5. Make it a game

If you have friends who are also interested in reducing their screen-time, turn your next lunch date into a competition by stacking your phones in the center of the table as soon as you sit down. The first one to grab their phone has to pay the bill. If no one succumbs to temptation before the meal is over, everyone pays for their own food instead. It's a win-win; you'll get to spend time connecting with friends and have a shot at a free meal while you're at it.

6. Avoid looking everything up first

When's the last time you tried out a new restaurant without looking at reviews or stopped by a museum before reading about their collection ahead of time? Try to avoid the impulse to Google everything immediately, and you'll rely on your phone a lot less (and maybe add a little spontaneity to your day, too!).

7. Schedule phone-free time daily

Last but not least, challenge yourself to set designated “phone-free" times of the day—at bedtime and while you're eating are great places to start. This will give your full attention to the task at hand, whether it be a work project, time with your significant other, or just some time to be alone with your own thoughts.

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