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Should you repair or replace your laptop?

Laptop repair

It's hard to know whether a laptop is worth fixing or if it's time for a new one. But we can lend a hand so you can make a smart, sustainable decision.

Here at Asurion, we help people learn more about their tech every day. From keeping your phone running like new to hidden laptop features, we can show you how to get more out of the devices you rely on most.  

Here's how to decide whether to repair or replace your laptop. 

How old is your laptop? 

There are a lot of factors to consider—from how often you use your machine to how you maintain it. But your laptop should last at least 4-5 years. So if yours is 5 years old or more, some laptop repairs may not be worth it versus purchasing a new one.

If all you need is a new battery, you might want to consider a repair. If the damage is more extensive, a new computer might be the better option. 

How much would it cost to repair vs replace your laptop? 

If a laptop repair costs half as much as a new laptop—or more—consider getting a replacement, especially if your machine is more than a few years old. If your computer is only 1 or 2 years old, it's probably worth fixing. At our stores, for instance, the average laptop repair is about $150. 

What condition is your laptop in? 

Have you been taking good care of your machine? Can it run the latest operating system? If it can't, you're leaving yourself vulnerable to viruses and other security risks—so a new laptop may be your best option. 

If you haven't run a software update in a while, and your laptop's main issue is speed, check to see if installing an update solves your problem. There are several other ways to improve laptop speed and memory without buying a new device. For instance, you could upgrade your laptop's hard drive to a solid-state drive (SSD) or boost its memory for an affordable price. Learn more about laptop tune-up services and how they can help to bring your laptop back up to speed.

Will you get a good deal if you buy a laptop now? 

Before you buy a new laptop, see what models are coming out soon. You may also want to consider upcoming sales and price drops—back-to-school season and Black Friday are the best times of the year for laptop deals. 

What do you need out of a laptop? 

Are you happy with your machine? Even if it's several years old, you may want to keep it. If all you need is a simple word processor and a way to get online, you can keep using your laptop well past the 4–5-year mark. If you want to take advantage of new features, more applications, and more storage space, consider getting a new one.  

If you decide to buy a new machine, make sure to delete any personal information and then recycle it. To learn how, check out our guide to responsibly disposing of your laptop

Want a free diagnostic for your laptop? 

Still not sure whether you should repair or replace your laptop? Get a free diagnostic from an expert at the nearest uBreakiFix® by Asurion store who can help you diagnose the issue and advise you on the next steps. Bring your laptop in, and we'll figure out the problem for free. 

If you decide a replacement laptop is right for you, make sure it's protected from future breakdowns and mishaps. With an Asurion Home+ protection plan, thousands of eligible devices in your home will be covered—from computers and TVs to tablets and smart thermostats—plus you'll get 24/7 live support from trusted experts for all of your tech questions. To learn more about laptop protection plans, visit

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