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Is it worth getting a smart fridge? Here’s what to consider

Person using smartphone to control smart fridge

It’s the year 2023. We might not have flying cars yet as we’d hoped, but we do have smart fridges. 

What exactly is a smart fridge? And what makes it different than a regular one? A smart refrigerator is essentially a fridge that connects to your internet network and smart home system. You can control it from a smart hub, a smartphone, and even by using voice commands. 

If you’re not sure if it’s worth the investment, we’re here to help. At Asurion, our experts have experience with every major appliance, including refrigerators. From repairs to showing you how to get the most out of your appliances—we've got you covered. Here’s an overview of smart refrigerator features and benefits so you can decide if buying one is worth it.

What are some smart fridge pros?


Newer appliances are built to be more energy-efficient. That means a newer refrigerator will save more energy—and money—than your old refrigerator. That goes double for smart appliances, many of which have built-in energy-saver settings. These settings can help save you money in the long run

Fresher food

Smart refrigerators have features that let you see what food items you have hiding in there, in real time. This is perfect if you’re prone to over-shopping at the grocery store or if you live a busy lifestyle and rely on grocery delivery apps. You can stay in the know by setting up phone notifications to keep tabs on your grocery list.

Built-in touch screen

The flashiest feature of most smart refrigerators is the touchscreen. You can use them for practical things, like creating shopping lists and researching dinner recipes, or for not-so-practical things like creating the perfect “cooking” playlist in a music app. 

Smart hub compatibility 

If your smart refrigerator is compatible, you can use it as an extension of your smart home. Imagine your fridge turning on a movie in the living room or asking Alexa™ how many ounces are in a gallon so you don’t have to mess with your phone while your hands are covered in food. 

Voice or phone controls

Believe it or not, some smart fridges can even make phone calls. For example, the Samsung® Family Hub smart fridge can send and receive a phone call on the Family Hub through Bluetooth. You won’t have to worry about missing calls in the name of a perfectly cooked meal again. 

What are some smart fridge cons?

The upfront cost

One of the biggest drawbacks is the upfront cost. Smart refrigerators can be expensive. Without considering how much you could save on both the grocery and energy bill, it may sound like an unnecessary expense—all in the name of having the coolest fridge. 

Smart fridges are an added security risk

Once you connect your smart refrigerator to ‌Wi-Fi, it becomes a potential security risk—just like any other gadget connected to the internet. You can minimize the risk of hackers accessing private information by securing your home network. 

Smart appliances have shorter lifespans

With higher-end parts working to keep your refrigerator running efficiently, they might wear out faster than older refrigerators. On top of that, the software that runs the “smart” part of the refrigerator might age out over time, forcing you to upgrade if you want to keep those smart features. 

Looking for tips to keep your appliances running for longer? Check out our guide. 

Unexpected expenses

If you're a homeowner—or renter—you’ve probably heard the saying: the more expensive the item, the more expensive the repair. Smart refrigerators might need repairs that a typical fridge doesn’t, driving up the price of fixing the appliance. This can be an issue if you’re not expecting your fridge to go out. 

Having a a home warranty or a service plan, to help cover repair expenses is one way to get ahead of this potential problem. Future you will thank you. 

Protect your smart fridge

If you decide that a smart fridge is right for you, make sure it’s protected from the unexpected. With an Asurion Appliance+® protection plan, you get hassle-free repairs for the major appliances in your home, no matter where you bought it. So when the appliances you rely on stop working as they should, you can get back up and running fast. Learn more about Asurion Home+® coverage.

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