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3 appliance filters you should be cleaning regularly

Woman cleaning the filter in her dishwasher

Sitting comfortably in your home, surrounded by the comforts of clean dishes, crystal-clear water, and a stench-free fridge that miraculously doesn’t remind you of last week's fish tacos, have you ever paused to ponder the source of this domestic bliss? It’s not pixie dust or fairy magic but the tireless work of your home appliance filters. Yet, as it turns out, these filters aren’t bestowed with eternal self-cleaning abilities—they need a bit of care and attention to keep up the good work.

Why cleaning your appliance filters matters

Regularly cleaning (or replacing) the filters in your home appliances isn't just about maintaining fresh laundry or ensuring your morning coffee tastes just right. It's about extending the life of your appliances and keeping them running efficiently. Regular filter maintenance can prevent the build-up of grime and dust that might otherwise lead to repairs—or even fire hazards. And while we're on the subject of maintenance, covering your appliances with an Asurion Appliance+ protection plan is another great way to ensure longevity—and less stress when unexpected breakdowns occur.

The essential trio: must-change appliance filters

Now that we've covered why keeping your filters in check is crucial, let's get into the specifics. Here are three appliance filters in your home that you should be prioritizing:

Dishwasher filters—your secret to spotless dishes

Your dishwasher filter is a hidden hero in the quest for spotless dishes. Ignoring this filter can lead to food particles redepositing on your dishes, making them come out less than sparkling. Most manufacturers suggest cleaning the filter every month or so, depending on usage. A clean filter ensures your dishwasher runs efficiently, keeping those cycles effective and extending the life of the appliance. For detailed steps, check out our guide to cleaning a dishwasher filter.

Refrigerator water filters—for the love of crisp water and ice

Next up, your refrigerator water filter. If your water starts tasting like you're drinking from a garden hose, it might be time for a change. Most manufacturers recommend swapping out the refrigerator water filter every six months to keep your water tasting fresh and prevent contaminants from clogging your dispenser. Regular changes also help extend the lifespan of your fridge by keeping the water system clean and functional. Need help? Read instructions in our guide to cleaning your fridge water line.

Dryer lint filters—don’t fuel the fire

Last but definitely not least, the dryer lint filter. It’s not just about avoiding that "laundry day" smell—it's also a serious safety issue. Lint buildup can lead to reduced efficiency and, even worse, fire hazards. Cleaning the lint filter after every load and giving it a deep clean monthly is a small chore that plays a big role in keeping your home safe and appliance efficient. Read our steps for properly cleaning your dryer lint filter to learn how to do this.

Changing these three filters regularly isn't just about upkeep—it's about smart homeownership.  Keep those filters fresh, and your home appliances will thank you with their long-lasting performance and reliability. And with an Asurion Appliance+ protection plan, you can rest easy knowing that all of your eligible appliances are covered from unexpected breakdowns with just one simple plan—no need to keep up with all of those receipts. Learn more about Asurion Appliance+ coverage for your current and future eligible appliance purchases.


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