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7 reasons to clean your dryer lint filter after every load

Woman cleaning dryer lint from dryer

Fast fix 

Every time you run your dryer, pull the lint filter out of its slot and roll the lint off the screen with your fingers. 

When it comes to good laundry habits—like separating your whites from dark colors— dryer lint cleaning is essential to keep your appliance working safely and efficiently. Asurion Experts can help with all your appliance issues, whether your dryer is too noisy or you need to fix a dryer that won’t spin. Here’s what you need to know about cleaning lint out of your dryer.

Why should I clean my lint filter each time I use the dryer? 

Cleaning the lint screen is a simple but crucial step in your laundry routine. Here are a few reasons lint screens or filters should be cleaned every time you run your dryer:

Prevent fire hazards 

The most important reason to remove the lint from the screen is to keep dust, lint, and other things caught in the filter from building up and catching fire. 

Improve efficiency and performance

Lint in the trap can increase drying time. Your dryer will dry your clothes more quickly and thoroughly if you pull the lint from the screen regularly.

Maintain clothing quality

Never run your dryer with a blocked lint screen. The debris caught in the lint trap can cause wear or even damage to your clothes. 

Save energy and reduce costs 

A clean lint screen allows your dryer to heat efficiently and reduces drying time, which translates into energy savings and a lower electricity bill. 

Extend your dryer lifespan 

Your appliance will run more smoothly and last longer if you keep the dryer lint trap clean.

Prevent dryer vent blockages 

If you clean your dryer and filter regularly, you may prevent lint or other debris from falling off the screen, blowing into the drum and blocking your dryer duct or vent. 

Contribute to indoor air quality

Lint from a dirty screen may get blown out of the dryer vent and into your house. Keep the filter clean and breathe fresh air. 

How to clean your lint filter 

Lint screens should be cleaned every time you run the dryer. It’s easy to do: just pull the lint screen out and gently roll the lint off the screen with your fingers and throw it away. If your lint filter looks dirty even after you’ve removed the lint by hand, here’s what to do:

  1. Soak the screen in warm, soapy water and use a toothbrush or a nylon brush to scrub both sides. 
  2. Make sure to dry the lint screen thoroughly with a clean towel before replacing it. 
  3. Next, look into the slot where the filter goes to see if lint has spilled inside. If you find debris there, use a vacuum cleaner to suck it out. 

How to reduce lint in dryer 

Here are a few tips to reduce lint on your screen and in the dryer: 

  1. Don’t rinse or wash the screen to remove lint. Wet lint is difficult to remove and will build up. 
  2. After you remove lint by hand, deep clean your filter at least every six months to get rid of fabric softener or detergent residue, build-up from dryer sheets, and other dirt. 

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