Crush Your Fantasy Football Competition with These 6 Apps

Tech Tips

With football season comes Fantasy Football season, when armchair quarterbacks and statisticians everywhere make imaginary draft picks for imaginary teams in the hope making real money. Here are six Fantasy Football apps that just might be the key to a winning Fantasy Football season:

ESPN Fantasy Football


Why we like it: “Fantasy Football as it was meant to be played,” is the tagline for this app, and when it’s coming from the most trusted name in sports, that warrants a close look. The ESPN Fantasy Football app provides mock drafts to help you hone those draft skills before the big day. Then, once the season is underway, you can talk smack against your opponents—or, if you’re feeling especially bold, your whole league at once—while getting a live feed of all the games (complete with player injury updates) courtesy of ESPN FantasyCast. (Free for iOS and Android)

NFL Fantasy Football


Why we like it: As the official Fantasy Football app of the National Football League, this app is second-to-none in terms of game-day experience, with video highlights you won’t see anywhere else. Creating or joining a league is done in just minutes, and settings can be customized so that users see only what they want to see. The NFL Fantasy Football app also entitles users to the latest news and analysis by the the NFL’s team of Fantasy Football experts. (Free for iOS and Android)

Fantasy Life


Why we like it: Inspired by ESPN Senior Fantasy Sports Analyst Matthew Berry’s book of the same name, Fantasy Life is an app “by the fantasy sports community for the fantasy sports community.” Which means the art of trash talk is held in high esteem: Group text and talk trash with others in your league in a private setting, or view, comment, and give props to the best trash talk memes with the Fantasy Life community. (Free for iOS and Android)

FootballGuys Fantasy Football Draft Dominator 201


Why we like it: Courtesy of the guys who created the Value-Based Drafting System, this app is perfect for those interested in better performance through data analysis. With custom cheat sheet recommendations tailored to your personal scoring system and competition, the FootballGuys Fantasy Football Draft Dominator app is like having a staff of 40-plus numbers crunchers whispering in your ear as you make your moves. ($4.99 for iOS and Android)

Rotowire Fantasy Football Draft Kit


Why we like it: The Rotowire app has all the usual Fantasy Football bells and whistles, including rankings, player updates, and up-to-date cheat sheets, but this one goes the extra mile by offering question-and-answer services, which provide users with access to a team of experts. The app also enables users to put certain players on a personal Watch List, as a reminder that you might want to keep a slot open for one particular guy in a later round or when it comes time to trade. ($4.99 for iOS and Android)

Bonus app: NFL Showdown – Football Manager


Can’t get enough football? NFL Showdown – Football Manager is a game app that allows you to create your own authentic NFL team and compete in daily showdowns. Choose from real NFL players and receive real-time stat boosts based on players’ Fantasy Football performance. Develop your strategy by updating rosters, choosing starting lineups, and signing free agents. Instantly pick up and play with no long-term league commitments. (Free for iOS and Android)