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How to turn off iOS 17’s NameDrop

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iOS 17®, the new operating system for your iPhone®, has tons of cool features that make your life more convenient.

One of them is called NameDrop®, and it lets you effortlessly share your contact information with new people. All you have to do is hold the top of your iPhone® near the top of someone else’s—and poof—you’ve sent them your info. Think of it like the AirDrop® feature, only for contacts.

The only problem: privacy. If you use NameDrop in a public place, for instance, anyone could access your contact information without your permission.

But don’t worry. At Asurion, we don’t just help fix and protect your tech—we also give you the tools to control your devices and protect your privacy. Here’s our guide on how to turn off the NameDrop setting on iOS 17.

How to turn off NameDrop on iOS 17:

If you recently downloaded the new iOS 17 operating system from Apple®, NameDrop is automatically turned on. Here’s how to turn it off.

  1. Unlock your iPhone and open Settings.
  2. Within the Settings, tap General > AirDrop—this option controls the file sharing features on your device, which includes NameDrop.
  3. After selecting AirDrop, turn off Bringing Devices Together to turn off the feature.

Simple, right?

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