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Your phone and coronavirus: How to clean your phone the right way

We understand, your phone is what keeps you connected. Especially now, as we try to prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) through social distancing, we’re relying on our phones and other communication devices more than ever. Which also means we’re touching our tech… a lot.

Even during normal times, Americans check their phones 96 times a day — that’s once every 10 minutes! We’re all remembering to wash our hands and to disinfect commonly touched surfaces around the house and it’s important to remember to disinfect your tech, too. Especially considering that latest studies show that coronavirus can remain infectious on inanimate objects, such as your phone, for days. Our experts share these 6 tips on how to clean your phone to help prevent the spread of germs and viruses.

How to clean your phone

  1. As a safety precaution, turn your phone or tablet off before cleaning.
  2. If you use a protective case on your phone or device, be sure to remove the case before starting the cleaning process.
  3. Use a microfiber cloth with a cleaning solution (suggested: 50/50 water and alcohol).
  4. Spray the cloth, not the device.
  5. Steer clear of cleaning or disinfectant wipes. Depending on the ingredients they could damage the external coating or the internal makeup.
  6. Make sure to wash your hands when you’re done.

Another suggestion: Try a UV sanitizing device. Ultraviolet light can kill 99.9% of germs in about 10 minutes. Some can even charge your phone while they clean.

How to clean your phone case

Don’t forget about your phone case! While you’re letting your phone or tablet air dry, give the protective case some disinfecting attention by handwashing it. For plastic or glass cases, use soap and water, disinfectant spray, disinfectant wipes or glass cleaner.

Don’t forget about the case’s openings for the charging port, headphone jack, camera and other buttons — wipe it all!

If you have a leather case, but no leather cleaner, just wipe it down with soap and water. Make sure it’s dry before putting the case back on your phone.

Give your phone accessories like the charger and headphones a quick wipe down too.

How often should you clean your phone?

The easy answer is clean your technology regularly.

How often is regularly? Well, that depends. Where do you use your device? If you’re one of the that take your phone into the restroom, you should wipe it down more often than someone who does not. If you tend to eat while scrolling through your device, a daily wipe down with a microfiber cloth would be a good idea.

A simple solution would be to wash your hands before you eat and not touch your device during meals. However, if that’s not an option for you, the more you clean it, the better.

Consider more photo sharing options

If a family member, friend or co-worker is sick, try not to share devices. Resist the urge to share photos or watch videos on a shared screen. Apps like Google Photos are a great way to keep friends and family involved in your life through photos. Check out more ways to organize and share the photos on your phone here.

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