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How to fix a leaking washer

A leaking washing machine is a major inconvenience: It wastes water, doesn't clean your clothes properly, and is a pain to clean up after. Luckily, Asurion Experts are trained and experienced with all major appliances, so they know exactly how to get your washer working again. If you often find wet rags rather than clean clothes at the end of each spin cycle, check out their guide to repairing your appliance.

How to fix a washer that's leaking water

Try these tips to fix simple issues that commonly lead to washing machine leaks.

Tighten or replace the hose clamp

There should be a connection clamp where your washing machine drain hose meets the drainage pipe. If that clamp is loose or missing, it can result in a leaking washer; make sure the clamp is properly placed.

Replace the tub seal

If your washing machine primarily leaks during the rinse cycle, the tub seal may be to blame. Since you may need to disassemble the washing machine and flip it over, reach out to an Asurion Expert for help.

Clean the filter

The filter, or catch basket, is responsible for removing any debris from the washing machine. It's usually at the edge of the drum. There may also be a removable screen at the end of the drain hose.

Make sure your washer is leveled properly

If unbalanced, your washing machine can vibrate excessively while agitating your clothes and cause water to spill out onto the floor. Place a level on top of the washing machine to see if it is balanced. If not, adjust the feet of the washer or, for older models without feet, look into purchasing anti-vibration pads at a home improvement store.

Replace the coupler

The coupler is a seal between the drum of the washing machine and the motor. If the washer isn't draining, your clothes are still soaking wet when the cycle ends, or the machine is leaking from the bottom, the coupler may be the problem. It's designed to break if your washing machine malfunctions, and is usually simple to replace.

Replace the water pump

A faulty washing machine water pump is a common cause for leaks under a washing machine. You can tell if the problem is coming from the water pump by checking for dampness in the area below the pump. A loose hose clamp or leaking hose near the pump may also be the problem, so look for signs of dampness in this area too and check to make sure that the pump hose is properly connected. If necessary, book a repair with an Asurion appliance pro for help with replacing the pump.

Why is my front-load washing machine leaking from the bottom?

If you're dealing with a leaky front-load washing machine, the cause is likely to be the same as any other type of washing machine. However, front-load washing machines may also be more prone to leak if they are not level. If not balanced properly, it will shake when it agitates your clothes, resulting in water spilling onto the floor. It may appear to leak from the bottom, since the water will slowly drain down from the door. So if your front-load washer is leaking water, make sure that it's properly leveled and balanced.

Should I repair or replace my washing machine?

Sometimes a washing machine leaking water can be repaired relatively easily with a quick DIY, like checking connections or cleaning the filter. But other, more advanced issues, like damaged tub seals or water pumps that need to be replaced, may require the help of an Asurion appliance repair technician. If you suspect multiple components need to be repaired or replaced, and your washing machine is over a decade old, you may want to consider purchasing a new washing machine—and should make sure that it's protected.

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