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Matter-compatible devices to give your smart home a brain boost

From speakers to door locks and light bulbs, here's what you need to know about available Matter smart home devices

Matter compatible devices

From ovens and dishwashers that start themselves to smart plugs that automate your grandmother's lamp, smart home technology has made life easier. And a bit more magical too. But with so many manufacturers churning out so many devices, some just aren't compatible.

Enter Matter™, a remedy for this smart home headache. It's the new common language for smart technology that lets you seamlessly control your favorite devices—including appliances, lights, locks, and thermostats—regardless of the brand.

Sounds amazing, right? But what are Matter-compatible devices? And what's available now? We'll break it down for you.

At Asurion, we make tech easy—from protection and troubleshooting to getting the most out of what you already own. Here's everything you need to know about Matter-compatible devices.

What's Matter?

Matter is the new standard that simplifies smart homes, making it easier to buy, set up, and use devices from different brands. To learn more, check out our Matter explainer.

Why's Matter important for smart home devices?

For years, before you bought a new smart home device, you had to make sure it was compatible with your existing tech. That made you choose devices from the same brand, whether that's Amazon Alexa™, Apple Home®, Google Home®, or Samsung® SmartThings™.

With Matter smart home tech, you can use your iOS® or Android™ device to control your smart locks, smart lights, and more—without having to commit to a single manufacturer. So if you have a Google Pixel™ but your spouse uses an iPhone®, Matter lets you both control all your smart home tech as well as any new Matter devices you buy.

How to tell if a device supports Matter

Many Matter supported devices bear the Matter logo—three round-tipped arrows pointing towards each other. If a device has this logo, you no longer have to check whether it works with Alexa, Google Home, and HomeKit.

Eventually you'll be able to upgrade many of your existing smart home devices by installing a Matter software update or using a bridge, a device that makes your non-Matter smart home accessories Matter compatible.

Pros and cons of Matter compatibility

Matter works with the four main brands: Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple Home, and Samsung SmartThings. So you'll be able to control your Matter devices using their hubs, voice assistants, smart speakers, and apps.

That said, Matter is neither a brand nor a standalone app—it's a new common language for all smart tech. To use it, you'll usually need a Matter-compatible smart speaker or hub as well as a smartphone or tablet app.

Matter-compatible devices

Here's a list of Matter-compatible devices that are available now or will be in the future.

Smartphone apps

  • Apple Home app on devices running iOS 16.1 or newer
  • Samsung SmartThings app (Android and iOS)
  • Google Home app (Android and iOS)
  • Amazon Alexa app (Android)
  • Eve app (iOS)

Matter smart speakers and smart home hubs

Apple Home

  • Apple HomePod® (first-generation)
  • Apple HomePod (second generation; works with Thread)
  • Apple HomePod Mini® (works with Thread)
  • Apple TV® 4K Wi-Fi (2022 version)
  • Apple TV 4K Wi-Fi + Ethernet (2022 version; works with Thread)
  • Apple TV 4K (2021 version; works with Thread)

Google Home

  • Nest Hub® (second generation; works with Thread)
  • Nest Hub Max (works with Thread)
  • Nest Audio®, Nest Mini®, and Nest Hub (first generation)
  • Google Home® (original smart speaker)
  • Google Home Mini®

Samsung SmartThings

  • Aeotec ®SmartThings Smart Home Hub (works with Thread®)
  • Samsung SmartThings Station (works with Thread)
  • Samsung SmartThings Hub v2
  • Samsung SmartThings Hub v3 (works with Thread)
  • Samsung Family Hub fridge 2022 models (update coming March 2023)
  • Samsung Smart Monitors 2022 models (update coming March 2023)
  • Samsung Smart TVs 2022 models (update coming March 2023)

Amazon Alexa

  • Amazon Echo™ smart speaker, Echo Dot®, and Echo Dot with Clock (third-generation and newer)
  • Echo™ Studio
  • Echo Show 5 and Echo Show 8 (second generation and newer)
  • Echo Show 10 (third generation)
  • Echo Show 15
  • Echo Input, Flex, and Plus (version 2)

Other platforms

  • Nabu Casa Home Assistant Yellow
  • Home Assistant software

Door locks

  • Level Lock® (all models)
  • Lockly® Flex Touch Pro
  • Lockly Vision Elite
  • Lockly Secure Pro
  • SwitchBot® door lock
  • Yale® Assure Lock 2


  • Yeelight® Cube Smart Lamp
  • Nanoleaf® Matter Essentials A19 light bulb
  • Nanoleaf Matter Essentials Light Strip

Smart plugs

  • Eve Energy Thread smart plug
  • Eve Energy Thread smart plug
  • Meross® Matter Smart Wi-Fi Plug Mini
  • Tapo® P125M Mini Smart Wi-Fi Plug

Smart home sensors

  • Eve motion sensor
  • Eve Door & Window contact sensor

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