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How to show your Ring doorbell on your TV

View Ring video doorbell live footage on TV

It's the 9th inning. Bases are loaded. You've got your eyes fixed on the TV, anxiously waiting to hopefully celebrate your team's triumphant win when all of the sudden... the doorbell rings. Don't panic! If you have a Ring™ video doorbell installed plus an Amazon® Fire TV™ device or a Samsung® TV with SmartThings™ built-in, you're in luck: with a simple voice command, you'll be able to see who is at the door without having to get off the couch.

Asurion Experts help our millions of customers with simple solutions and fixes to get the most out of the tech they love and rely on. Here's their guide on Asurion's YouTube channel on how to set up your Ring doorbell to show live footage right on your smart TV.

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"Alexa, show the front door."

Seeing who is at the door on your TV so you never miss out on greeting a guest or on an important delivery is easy: just ask Alexa™. To answer your Ring doorbell using Alexa voice commands, you'll first need to enable skills on your Alexa-enabled device. Here's how:

To answer your Ring doorbell with Alexa using Amazon Fire TV:

  1. Open the Alexa app on your phone.
  2. Click on More from the menu.
  3. Now, tap on Skills & Games
  4. ​Next, use the search feature at the top right-hand corner to search for the Ring skill. 
  5. Tap on Enable to use
  6. You'll now likely be asked to log in to your Ring account. Enter your credentials, then hit Authorize. The Ring skill will now be ready to use on your Alexa-enabled devices.

Once done, you'll need to discover the Ring devices to make sure they're all connected and ready to display on your TV. You can do this by clicking on Discover devices on the next screen that pops up and follow the instructions, or by simply saying, "Alexa, discover devices."

After your Ring devices are discovered, you'll now be able to view them right on your television screen. Try saying voice prompts such as, "Alexa, show the front door," or, "Alexa, play the last event at the front door." Once you're done viewing your video doorbell on your TV screen, you can say, "Alexa, hide the front door." You can even customize your notifications if you want to see an alert for when motion is detected on your Ring camera or when the doorbell button is pressed.

Viewing your Ring doorbell on your Samsung TV

If you have a Samsung TV with SmartThings functionality built-in and a Ring Doorbell Pro, you can easily see a live feed from your Ring video doorbell right onscreen. Not sure if your Samsung TV will work? Here's a list of compatible models:

  • 2018 models NU7400 and later
  • 2019 models RU7400 and later
  • 2020 models TU8500 and later

To connect your Ring Doorbell Pro to your Samsung TV:

  1. Open the SmartThings app on your phone.
  2. Click on Device from the menu, then tap on Add Device.
  3. Using the search function in the top right-hand corner, search for Ring.
  4. Choose your Ring Doorbell Pro from the list and enter your Ring login credentials.
  5. Now, you can select which alerts from your Ring devices that you want to see on your TV.
  6. To finish setup, go the SmartThings app on your TV. 
  7. Tap on Settings and then Notifications. There, you'll want to choose Enable Ring Alerts or Motion Alerts. Now you can customize which alerts you want to see on your TV screen.

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