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What to know before fixing a broken iPad screen

Illustration of iPad with broken screen

A broken iPad® screen can be a major setback. Maybe it slipped from your hands, or you had an unfortunate encounter with the edge of a table—accidents happen. Don’t worry. There are multiple paths to fixing it, each with its own pros and cons. 

Can an iPad screen be replaced?

Yes, you can replace an iPad screen. The replacement's feasibility and cost depend on the extent of the damage and the specific iPad model. Tech repairs can be tricky—trust us, we’re experts. Unless you’ve taken on similar repairs and have the tools needed, we don’t advise letting a screen repair be your first DIY project. 

To get an idea of all your options, you’ll have to assess the severity of the crack. If the damage is superficial, you can use the iPad as-is or with a temporary fix—though it’s something we don’t recommend. However, deep cracks or shattered glass will likely require a full-on replacement.

What are my options for repairing my iPad screen?

There are several routes you can take to repair a broken iPad screen:

  • Apple®: If your device is under warranty, the safest option is to replace your screen with Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider.
  • Third-Party repair shops: Many third-party repair shops can replace iPad screens, often at a lower cost than Apple. Remember that the price can vary, and they might not be an Apple Authorized Service Provider, so you’ll want to do your research.
  • DIY repair kits: This option is for the tech-savvy only. DIY kits are available and can be significantly less expensive than professional repair, but they require a good deal of precision and understanding of electronics.

Should I let someone other than Apple repair my screen?

Deciding who should repair your screen depends on several factors:

  • Warranty: If your iPad is still under warranty, it’s best to go through Apple to avoid voiding it.
  • Cost: Third-party repairs can be more budget-friendly, but ensure the service is reputable.
  • Quality: Apple and authorized service providers will guarantee the use of genuine parts and follow proper repair protocols. Third-party repairs may have different standards than a trusted repair service.

For fast iPad screen repairs as soon as the same day, schedule a repair at your nearest uBreakiFix by Asurion store. As an Independent Repair Provider for Apple®, our trusted experts are trained to get your broken device back up and running fast using Apple parts, tools, and equipment.

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