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How long does an iPad last?

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Your iPad® is clutch and convenient, especially when you want to play games, watch movies, or work on the go. But if you've had yours for a while, you may be wondering how much life it has left. The answer depends on how you use and take care of your tablet.

At Asurion, we help you get the most from the tech you love. Here's everything you need to know about your iPad's lifespan, including ways that you can make your tablet last longer.

How long will an iPad last?

Your iPad should last at least 5 years. But your device can last even longer depending on:

  • Your iPad model. A newer iPad Pro, which has more storage and features, will likely last longer than an older or lower-end model.
  • How you use it and what you use it for. If you use your iPad every day and play video games or work with graphic design programs, it'll wear out more quickly.
  • How frequently you maintain it. If you update your iPad software regularly, clean it often, and keep its parts in working order, you'll increase its lifespan.

How many years does an iPad battery last?

Your iPad battery usually lasts about 2 to 3 years, again, depending on how you use your device.

If you only use your iPad occasionally, the battery will last longer. But if you use your iPad a lot or if you use it in extremely hot or cold temperatures, your battery may die more quickly. Luckily, replacing an iPad battery that's no longer working as it should is a simple and fast repair.

How long does Apple support iPads?

On average, Apple provides software updates for 5–6 years. But every time the company launches a new operating system, it stops supporting some of the older models.

The latest operating system, iPadOS 17, is compatible with the iPad Pro (2nd Generation), iPad Air (3rd Generation), iPad (6th Generation), and iPad mini (5th Generation and newer).

When should you replace your iPad?

If you've had your iPad for a while but it works perfectly, hang on to it. But if your tablet's nearing the 5-year-or-older mark, watch out for these signs it may be time to replace it.

Your iPad screen is damaged

Sometimes you can live with a tiny blemish on your screen, but cracks and scratches on your iPad will only continue to get worse. They make your device more vulnerable to damage from liquid and dirt and, not to mention, can lead to cuts on your fingers. Depending on the severity of the crack, a simple iPad screen replacement may be the answer. If the LCD behind your screen is also damaged, replacement could be your best option.

You can't update to the latest operating system

The latest iPadOS® gives you important security patches and new features. So updating your operating system regularly is crucial.

Having trouble? Check out our guide for what to do when your iPad won't update.

If you have an older iPad and none of the fixes in our guide worked, it's possible your device may not support the latest operating system updates. To check if your tablet is eligible, visit the Apple® support page.

The apps on your iPad keep crashing

When you can't run the latest update, your older software will eventually stop working. And if your apps keep crashing, you can't use them, so it's time to replace your device.

If you decide to get a new iPad, make sure to back up your data on your old device first.

Your iPad won't connect to mobile or Wi-Fi networks

If you have an older iPad with a 3G network, unfortunately, you can't upgrade your mobile networking connection, so you may need to purchase a new iPad if connecting to cellular signals is important to you. When you shop for a new iPad, look at newer models like the iPad Pro 11-inch 4th Generation or the iPad Air 5th Generation for 5G performance.

If you can't get on the local Wi-Fi network with your tablet, there may be an easy fix. Check out our guide to what to do if your iPad won't connect to Wi-Fi.

The battery on your iPad doesn't last

If your battery power is dwindling, that doesn't necessarily mean you need a new iPad. But it could be a sign you'll need to replace your device's battery soon. How do you know for sure?

Most newer iPads will last 10 hours on battery power, according to Apple. If yours isn't lasting that long, consider contacting an expert to replace your battery.

If you've previously replaced your iPad battery and it's running out of juice, it's probably time to upgrade your device.

Your iPad keeps running out of space

If storage is tight on your iPad, there are a few things you can try, like deleting apps you don't use or moving files to the Cloud.

If you play games or watch movies—these apps and files take up a lot of space—you may want to get an iPad with more storage. The M1 iPad Pro comes with 2TB of storage space, which should be enough for all the podcasts and movies you need to get through your next flight.

Your iPad is slow

If your tablet is acting sluggish, you may have a software problem. Before you start shopping for a new iPad, check out our tips for speeding up a slow iPad for a possible fix.

You're missing the latest tablet features

Cool, new features are the highlight of every iPad release, and FOMO is real. If you have an older model and just can't quit thinking about things you don't have—like an Apple Pencil®, FaceID®, or 5G mobile data—it may be time to upgrade your device.

Protection beyond a tablet warranty

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