3 Ways to Protect Yourself

3 Ways to Protect Yourself

Before Your Phone is Lost or Stolen

Prepare to lose your cell phone

This sounds ironic to say—but if you’re still holding your mobile phone right now, you can take these steps to make sure your data stays safe, even if you do lose your phone one day.


Install the mobile app provided by your carrier’s phone protection plan.

This a benefit available when you opt for your carrier’s phone insurance plan. If you download the mobile app, you can quickly find your lost phone by locating it online or sound an alarm if it’s nearby.

If your cell phone has been stolen or can’t be found, you can remotely lock the device or erase your data to protect your privacy (features vary by wireless carrier).

If you didn’t opt for mobile insurance, you can still enable find-my-phone features or set your phone to wipe personal data remotely .

  • Android: Settings> Security> Android Device Manager
  • iOS: Settings> iCloud> Find My iPhone

Use a strong cellphone lock password

If you can turn on your device or open the home screen without using a password or fingerprint, you’re tempting fate!

Ensure your cellphone data stays secure no matter who’s holding your smartphone by setting your device to require a password every time you turn it on or open it. And remember the stronger the password the better.


Make sure your smartphone knows you

You can set up both Android and iPhones to know your emergency contact information. Many of us do this in the setup process, but double check the info your phone has on you, just to be sure.

  • Android: Settings> Security> Owner Info
  • iPhones: Add emergency contact info in the Health app, Medical ID page. Also check: Settings> Mail, Contacts, Calendars> My Info to ensure you’re listed as the owner of your cell phone.

Protect yourself from loss, theft, and more cell phone hazards with a phone protection plan

There are a lot of questions to consider when pondering a new device purchase. Before you decide, make sure you know the facts. Checkout some of our latest articles to learn more:

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Looking for the peace of mind that comes with staying connected to your life even when something happens to your phone?

Our insurance product is available at many carriers and retailers, including those below:

Note: Features vary by carrier and program. Check your terms and conditions for full coverage details.