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Is your appliance still under warranty? How to find out

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If your refrigerator or washer breaks, your family’s life comes to a halt. Then, there’s the cost of the repair and the hassle of finding someone to fix it. But if your appliance has a warranty, getting it fixed will likely be drama-free and may not cost a thing. How do you find out if your appliance is still under warranty? It’s easy.

Asurion Experts answer appliance questions every day, whether you want to know the best time to buy appliances or how to make appliances last longer. Here’s how to do an appliances warranty check. 

Understanding different types of warranties 

There are several different types of appliance warranty coverage. Here’s a breakdown:

Manufacturer’s warranty

This is the most common type of warranty. It’s provided by the appliance manufacturer and typically covers defects in parts or the condition of the appliance for a limited time, usually one year from the date of purchase. These are also referred to as a limited warranty. 

Extended warranty 

You can often extend the coverage period of your manufacturer’s original warranty by buying an extended service plan from the manufacturer, retailer, or from another company

Home warranty 

This is a service contract that covers the repair or replacement of components in systems that keep your home running, like plumbing or electricity, as well as appliances, like your stove and dishwasher.

Retailer’s warranty

Some retailers offer their own dishwasher warranty or stove warranty, depending on the appliance you buy. This provides additional protection to a manufacturer’s warranty.

How to find warranty information 

If you’re wondering, How do I check my warranty? There are a few easy ways to find out whether your appliance is still covered under the warranty period. Here’s how: 

Check your appliance for a warranty sticker 

Some appliances come with a sticker—usually on the back or the side of the machine— that includes a model number and warranty information. 

Check your receipt or owner’s manual

Your receipt or user manual should include the warranty information for your appliance. 

Contact customer service

If you’re unsure about what your warranty covers and for how long, contact customer service for the appliance manufacturer. Make sure to have the model number handy when you call.

Check with your credit card company 

You may have coverage with the credit card you used to purchase your appliance, or even with. membership services like AAA or AARP. Check with the company to find out. 

What to do if you need coverage

If you don’t have a warranty, or, if you have a warranty but it doesn’t cover things like cosmetic damage or everyday wear and tear, you may want to consider a protection plan like Asurion Appliance+. 

For just $34.99 per month, you can protect appliances like your refrigerator, oven, range, dishwasher, washer, and dryer. Asurion Experts will quickly diagnose and fix problems like failed control boards and heating elements, failures due to a power surge, defects in materials and workmanship, and more. Plus, if your home appliance is beyond repair, Asurion will replace it or reimburse you for it. 

Check out our guide on whether or not a protection plan is for you

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