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How to fix a Ring doorbell that's not charging

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You spend the day at home waiting for a package to arrive only to get the dreaded “sorry we missed you" message on a sticky note. The reason: Your Ring™ doorbell battery died. Frustrating, right? It doesn't have to be.

At Asurion, we fix your tech and appliances so you can get back to what's important. From connecting your Ring doorbell to your TV to checking out some smart home must-haves, we've got you covered. Here's how to fix a Ring doorbell that's not charging.

Refresh the Ring app

Your doorbell might be charging but showing an incorrect battery level in the Ring app. This leads to confusion when trying to figure out where the trouble is—the app or the doorbell. Closing and restarting the app gives the Ring a chance to correct any faulty data and update it to reflect your current battery level.

Ring the doorbell a few times and close the Ring app. Then check the battery level by following these steps:

  1. Tap the three lines in the top–left corner of the Dashboard screen.
  2. Tap Devices, and select your doorbell.
  3. Tap Device Health to check the percentage under Battery Level.

Check your Wi-Fi connection

If your doorbell is having trouble connecting to Wi-Fi, it can lead to an inaccurate battery-level reading.

Reset your router by unplugging it for 30 seconds and plugging it back in. Then reconnect the doorbell to Wi-Fi.

Recharge your device inside

Lithium-ion batteries, like the ones used in Ring devices, can struggle to charge in extremely hot or cold weather. If you're worried this may be the problem, bring your device or its removable battery (depending on your model) inside and charge it with a USB cord. Make sure to charge it to 100% before you remount it to get the most out of your battery life.

Inspect your device for damage

If your Ring doorbell is damaged, it could affect your ability to charge your device. Here's what to do:

  • Check the charger and the USB cable for damage. To test for a potential shortage in the cable, swap it for another one.
  • Make sure its battery is properly clicked into place if it's removable. You may have to replace the battery—or the entire Ring Doorbell—if your battery isn't removable.

Check your circuit breaker

If you've decided to use a hardwired Ring video doorbell, it should work continuously as long as it has power.

When a hardwired Ring doorbell isn't working, the usual suspect is the power supply. Something may have tripped the breaker to the doorbell, leaving the Ring device without power.

Check your doorbell transformer's voltage

Still no luck? Your wired Ring doorbell might not be working because it doesn't have enough voltage. Your device requires between 8 and 24 volts to work properly. You'll want to stay toward the high end of that range to make sure the battery can fully charge when your device is hardwired.

Here's what to do:

  1. Find your home’s doorbell transformer, which should be near an existing doorbell chime, your home’s electrical panel, or other low-voltage lines like your phone or cable lines.
  2. At your electrical panel, turn off the circuit breaker that controls the doorbell.
  3. Check the transformer for loose wires, tightening them as needed.
  4. Return to the electrical panel, and turn the doorbell circuit back on.
  5. Set your multimeter to test AC voltage. There should be a setting with a ṽ symbol next to it. After you’ve returned to the doorbell transformer, press one lead to the neutral wire (white) connector first and the other lead to the hot wire (black or red) connector second.

If the multimeter reads lower than 16 volts, it may not be providing enough power to keep the doorbell working, in which case you may need to call an electrician.

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