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How to choose the right mount for your Smart TV

How to choose the right TV mount for your Smart TV Asurion

Buying a new Smart TV is a process. There's figuring out the features and apps you want, the brand, the right size for the room and then there's the question: Should I mount my TV?

Mounting your TV to a wall has a lot of great benefits, like reducing clutter and increasing floor space. But how do you know which is the best TV wall mount for your TV?

If your first thought after reading that is, “I have no idea where to start,” that's okay and that's exactly why we're here. At Asurion, we help millions of customers protect, connect and enjoy the tech they love and rely on, including their Smart TVs. Our experts put together this list of questions to consider when looking for the right wall mount for your TV.

Are all TV wall mounts universal?

No. Most TV wall mounts are designed to support a range of specifications. They also offer various features for you to consider like full-motion (or articulation) and flexibility. We will explain each feature in-depth below.

TV specifications: brand, size & weight

When looking for the right TV mount for your TV, start with identifying the specifications on your TV.

  • What TV brand did you buy?
  • What size is it?
  • How much does it weigh?

Knowing the specifications (or specs) of your TV helps narrow down the options for the best wall mount for your TV. For example, say you bought a 55-inch Samsung Smart TV that weighs about 40 pounds. You're looking for a wall mount that will support a 55-inch TV. Most will support a size range, like this Sanus TV mount. In the description it says it'll support a TV between 40 inches and 80 inches, is compatible with top brands like Samsung, Vizio and TCL, and supports up to 130 pounds. That would check all the basic boxes for your TV specifications. Now, let's dive into some more details to help make your decision.

Location & placement

The next step in finding the right TV wall mount is identifying what room you want your TV in and where on the wall you want it. You might think, that's not a big decision, but it is. Questions to ask yourself:

  • Where in the room do I want to mount the TV? In a corner, from the ceiling or on a wall
  • Where on the wall should I mount the TV? Eye level vs. above eye level
  • What type of wall do I want to mount the TV on? Drywall, plaster, concrete – each will impact the mount you choose

Where you want to mount it dictates what type of mount you should buy. A ceiling mount supports differently than a corner mount or a typical wall mount. Once you decide on the location, tailor your searches to that specific type of wall mount and then ensure the TV specs fit with the mount.

When it comes to placement, everyone is different. Some people prefer a lower mounted TV, so it stays at eye level, while others like their TV higher up, just slightly above eye level. If you've set your sights on mounting your television above the mantle in your living room, you'll have an uncomfortable viewing experience. If you can, try to avoid mounting it too high. You don't want to have to tilt your head up to view the TV.

Is it safe to mount a TV over a fireplace?

No, we do not recommend mounting your TV above a fireplace. Not only is the placement too high for comfortable viewing, but more importantly, the heat from the fireplace can lead to premature failure of the TV.

Full-motion wall mounts, tilt wall mounts & swivel

That leads us to our next set of features to consider when buying a tv mount:

  • Tilt wall mounts give you the ability to angle the TV's position down – which is helpful if the TV is mounted high like above a mantle.
  • Swivel wall mounts give you the option to pivot your TV to the right or left, giving whoever is watching a better view of the TV.
  • Full-motion wall mounts or articulating wall mounts allow you to pull your TV out off the wall and move, tilt and swivel in any direction.
  • Stationary TV mounts do not allow your TV to move in any direction.

How your room is set up will help you decide which wall mount is best for your TV and room. Tilt is beneficial because it helps reduce glare from lights and windows. The swivel option allows for the perfect view from anywhere and the full-motion wall mount is the best of both worlds.

Get your TV mounted by a professional

If you've now picked the right mount for your Smart TV and would prefer to have a TV mounting service near you do the installation—we can help! Asurion Experts can come to Home+ customers in select cities to help with TV installation for just $49. See if your city is on the list here

If you prefer to go the DIY route, check out our guide on how to mount a TV on your wall.

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