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We’ll unbox, install, and set up the following smart home tech for just $49/device (plus tax).





Smart Hubs

Smart Hubs

Streaming Media Players

Streaming Media Players

Wireless Printers

Wireless Printers

Wireless Routers

Wireless Routers

Smart Thermostats

Smart Thermostats

Smart Door Locks

Smart Door Locks

Smart Doorbells

Smart Doorbells

Wi-Fi Security Cameras

Wi-Fi Security Cameras

Want to learn more?

Check our list of Frequently Asked Questions or give us a call at (844) 529-2692 today!

What kind of installations do you offer?

TV mounting, soundbar mounting, smart door lock fitting, smart thermostat mounting, and more! Device installation types available in each city may vary.

What will my installation appointment look like?

Your Asurion Expert will perform a pre-installation site survey and review the scope of work with you before starting. They’ll then verify the location where you’d like the device installed, uncover any potential Wi-Fi connectivity limitations, and review manufacturer mounting options that will work for the install location.

Next up, your Asurion Expert will install the device and connect it to your existing wireless network. They’ll guide you through setting up any necessary user accounts and will provide any demos of the device’s functionality you may need.

Before leaving, they’ll confirm that the install meets all of your needs and provide you with information on where to find troubleshooting tips and educational information.

For TV installations, do I need to provide my own mounting bracket?

Yes, for TV installs, you will need to provide your own mounting bracket. Unsure of how to pick the one that’s right for you? Check out our blog post or give us a call. We’re happy to answer any of your questions.

During my appointment, can I add on additional installations?

Not at this time, but you are more than welcome to call us back to schedule an additional appointment for any other installation needs you may have.

Will an Asurion Expert confirm my installation after I’ve booked an appointment?

Yes, 24 hours before your appointment, the Asurion Expert who will be performing your installation will call you to confirm the timing of your appointment as well as to discuss the tech they’ll be installing for you. They’ll also cover all safety measures you’ll need to be familiar with before the appointment.

What if I need to re-schedule or cancel an existing appointment?

Give us a call at (844) 529-2692 and we’ll be happy to get your appointment rescheduled.

What is included with a smart hub setup?

Smart hub setups include integrating up to 4 smart home security devices and sensors for smart home control. They’ll also assist you by setting-up up to 4 “scenes” utilizing other existing smart home devices in your home such as smart bulbs and other controllable devices.

How do I sign up for Asurion Home+ and what does it cover?

Asurion Home+ helps you protect all your favorite home tech. It’s one simple plan that covers all the eligible devices in your home, both past and future purchases. It also provides you 24/7 access to our Asurion Experts for your home tech support needs. Talk about peace of mind! Click here to learn more about Asurion Home+ and get signed up today.

When are tech installation appointments available?

Our Asurion Experts are available by appointment 9:00am-5:00pm local time Monday-Saturday. You can book your appointment by calling us at (844) 529-2692.

How are our Experts ensuring customers’ safety during appointments?

Safety is a top priority during smart home installation appointments. We’re following CDC-recommended guidelines to keep both our customers and Asurion Experts safe.

Before your scheduled appointment, an Asurion Expert will be calling you to confirm that no one in your household has been recently exposed to a contagious illness or has felt ill with flu-like or potential coronavirus symptoms.

During the appointment, the Expert helping with your installation will be wearing one-time use disposable gloves and a mask, practicing social distancing (6 feet), and sanitizing all work areas and devices the Expert works with while in your home.

Everyone in your household will be required to wear a face covering and practice social distancing while the Expert helping with your installation is present.

Are there device-specific details I need to know before my booking my smart home installation?

We aren’t able to install devices that are not fully functional or do not have all of the manufacturer supplied parts and accessories. However, as a Home+ customer, you have 24/7 access to tech support with our team of Experts. You can chat with them online or call in to get the tech support you need.

For TV installs, you will have to provide the mounting bracket, and cables will be organized and concealed with cable covers.

For TV installs, we will not be able to install your TV above a fireplace because excess heat will cause premature device failure.

For Smart Door Locks installations, we cannot make any modifications to the door, frame, jamb, or other building components.

For all installations, we will not be able to make any modification of 110 volt or greater electrical systems.

Are there any other details I need to be aware of before my appointment?

Someone 18 or older must be present for the appointment.

Pets must be restrained during the installation.

We will not be able to install electronics uncovered outside since exposure to elements will cause premature device failure.

An available electrical outlet must be within 6ft of the installation site since we are unable to hardwire electrical power to a new location.

Wi-Fi access must be available for the connection of your device(s) to be installed, and we will connect up to 3 devices to the item we will be installing for you.

We will follow manufacturer instructions for all installs.

We will not be able to setup or configure a new wireless network.

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