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Avoid a summer bummer: 6 ways to summerproof your phone

Woman in pool on flamingo float using her phone

As the days get longer and the sun shines brighter, we know you're out there soaking up every moment—and capturing it all with your trusty smartphone. But with all that fun in the sun comes the need to give your device a little extra TLC.

Here at Asurion, we're all about keeping your tech working as it should. Whether you're dealing with a pesky screen glitch on your iPhone® or wondering if your phone can handle a splash or two, we've got you covered.

Before you join friends at your favorite music festival or head to the beach, check out these six simple tips to ensure your phone stays in top form all summer long.

1. Avoid water damage

Whether you're swimming at the beach or in your backyard, water damage is a real problem during the summer months. But a water-tight, protective case can save you from disaster. It's an affordable solution and won't prevent you from snapping a photo or using your phone's screen.

We recommend a case that has a sturdy strap or lanyard that you can wear around your neck. Most smartphones are water-resistant (up to a certain point), but no phone is resistant to being dropped off the side of a boat or even—kerplunk—falling into a port-a-potty (we've seen it happen).

Want to know more about the difference between waterproof and water-resistant phones? Interested in how to dry out a phone in case it gets wet? We've got guides for that.

2. Prevent your phone from overheating

If you want your device by your side this summer to take photos or provide the perfect soundtrack, you need a plan to keep it cool. When a phone gets overheated, its battery can drain, its components can melt, and its operating system can even shut down. Fortunately, there are a few simple tips that can help:

  • Avoid keeping your phone in direct sunlight.
  • Turn off unused apps, as overuse can increase the temperature.
  • Keep your screen brightness down.

To learn more, check out these tips for keeping your phone from overheating this summer.

3. Keep track of your device—and your friends

Visiting a theme park this summer? With big crowds, it's easy to get separated from your friends—and your device. The solution: Have everyone in your party turn on Find My™ iPhone or Find My Device. These apps allow you to see the last known location of the device so you can track down a person or phone that gets separated.

4. Stay charged

If you've ever had to scour an airport terminal for a plug, you know how valuable a fully charged phone can be while traveling. The good news—in the last few years, portable battery technology has come a long way. Not only can you find one that's affordable, but some can even get your phone from 0% to 50% power in only 30 minutes.

Want more tips on how to make your phone battery last longer? Check out these guides for your iPhone or Android™.

5. Free up phone storage

Ever grabbed your phone for the perfect photo only to realize that your storage is full? Bummer, right? Before you go on vacation this summer, spend some time freeing up storage space. You can:

  • Delete any apps you don't use anymore.
  • Delete old emails, texts, and voicemails.
  • Clear your phone's cache.

Need more tips? Read this guide on how to free up space on your phone.

6. Back up your data

Just in case anything happens to your device when you're on vacation, we recommend backing up your photos, videos, and other personal data before you leave. Check out our guides on how to back up an Android phone and how to back up an iPhone.

Your tech. Fixed.

If you do find yourself in need of tech repair this summer—whether it's for a cracked screen, a tablet tune-up or a game console that's overheating—we can help. Stop by the nearest uBreakiFix® by Asurion store for fast, affordable fixes for nearly any device type.

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