How to Set Up a New Phone

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How to Set Up a New Phone

With the launches of so many awesome phones this year, each packed with top of the line features, it’s no wonder many people opened a brand new smartphone this holiday. Once you’ve admired the slick exterior and bragged about all the things this new phone can do, it’s time to get it up and running.

Our expert Premier Support Technicians offer these tips to help set up your phone quickly and easily, so you can get to the fun part—actually using it!

Backup your old Phone

Steps vary based on your device. If you had an iPhone, you’ll want to use iTunes/iCloud to back it up. Android users should look to Applications/computer sync software based on your manufacturer.

Restore information to your new phone

Just like the back up process, steps to restore your phone vary based on device. The backup process will have the information you need to restore your new phone.

Set up email, social media and cloud syncing

Check out the settings feature on your new device for a step by step walk through for email and social media accounts. Use iCloud for iPhone or Google to synchronize changes in contacts to the cloud so that the next time they change devices it will be a simple process.

Download apps and games

Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Favorite Productivity App: Google Keep saves your notes online and allows you to edit and create lists outside of your phone.
  • Favorite News App: Feedly is perfect for grouping news from all your favorite outlets in one easy to read feed.
  • Favorite Games: We love the classics like Angry BirdsCandy Crush, Dragon and sword.
  • The flashlight app is a must, because you never know when you might need it.

Secure your device and configure the settings

Make sure you have a way to locate, lock and alarm the phone like the mobile apps offered through your wireless carrier. Set your pin/passcode, and remember to change it every few months for increased security. Add your personal touches with a ringtone, notification alerts and  wallpaper.

Finally, make sure to protect your new phone with mobile protection from Asurion. In most cases, you can enroll up to 30 days after buying your phone and be protected against loss, theft, damage (including water damage) and malfunction. Ask your wireless carrier for more information.