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How to tell if someone blocked your number

Person looking to see if someone blocked their number

You sent several texts to a friend—or someone you thought was your friend—but you haven’t heard back. You also called and left a voice message. Still nothing. It’s possible the person you’re trying to reach has blocked your number. But how do you know if you’re blocked? We’ll show you. 

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Here’s our guide on how to tell if someone blocked your number on your iPhone® or Android™. 

Can you find out for sure if you’ve been blocked?

There’s no way to know for sure if someone has blocked your number. Privacy guidelines prevent that. Plus, there may be another explanation for why your texts and calls aren’t getting through—the person you’re trying to reach may have a poor network connection, a problem with their wireless carrier, or an issue with their phone. 

But there are clues to look for if you suspect someone has blocked you. 

Signs you may have been blocked 

Here are a few signs that someone may have blocked your number:

You don’t get a delivery confirmation. If you have an iPhone and text another iPhone but don’t see a “Delivered” notification, someone may have blocked you. (Android phones don’t automatically show these messages.) The same goes for if you consistently see a green text bubble instead of a blue one on your iPhone.

Your call goes straight to voicemail. This could be a sign the person you’re calling has bad cell service, turned off their phone, or switched it to Do Not Disturb mode. Or, they may have just blocked you for personal reasons. 

How can you tell if someone blocked your number?  

If you think someone has blocked you, try one of the following:

  • Call the person’s number from another phone. 
  • Hide your number (by dialing *67 first) and call the person you think may have blocked you. 

If your call goes to voicemail after several rings or if they answer, you’ve likely been blocked. This method isn’t foolproof, though. If the person you’re calling has silenced unknown callers, they won’t see your text or hear your call. 

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