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How to turn off 5G on your Samsung Galaxy

Person Turning Off Samsung S20 5G

Fast fix

  1. To turn off 5G on your Samsung phone, open Settings > Connections > Mobile networks
  2. Select Network mode and switch to 4G/LTE

When it comes to wireless technology, 5G provides the fastest uploads and most consistent connections on your mobile device. But if you’re traveling in a region where 5G isn’t widely available, or your battery is draining quickly, you may want to switch back to a 4G network on your Samsung Galaxy® phone. We’ll explain. Asurion Experts show you how to make the most of your favorite devices, whether you need to fix a phone that won’t connect to Wi-Fi or fix no service on your Samsung phone. Here’s our guide on how to disable 5G on Samsung Galaxy. 

Benefits of turning off 5G on your Samsung Galaxy 

Here are some advantages to switching back to 4G on your Samsung device.

  • Preserves your battery life. Your phone's battery will drain faster on 5G than on 4G due to its higher data transfer speeds and the need for your device to constantly search for a 5G signal, especially in areas with limited coverage. 
  • Manages your mobile data. 5G is the fastest network connection for gaming, watching videos and more. The downside is you use it more quickly than with 4G. 
  • Stability in low coverage areas. Switching to 4G may provide a more stable connection if you’re in an area with less 5G coverage and are having network issues.

How to turn off 5G on your Samsung phone

Your steps may differ slightly depending on your Android device model, but it’s easy to turn off 5G on your Samsung Galaxy. Here’s how: 

  1. Open Settings > Connections > Mobile networks
  2. Select Network mode and switch to 4G/LTE.  

How to turn 5G back on

To switch back to 5G whenever it’s available, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open Settings > Connections > Mobile networks
  2. Select Network mode, then select 5G/LTE/3G/2G (auto connect). 

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