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5 reasons why your freezer is not cooling

Freezer not cooling

You expect your appliances to work when you need them. So when your freezer isn't freezing, it can ruin your day. Trying to fix it yourself can feel like a bit of a mystery—and not the fun kind you hear about on podcasts.

At Asurion, we take the guesswork out of your devices—so you can leave the mysteries to the detectives. From quick support when your laptop glitches to reliable repairs when your dryer dies, we turn your breakdowns to “all better” fast. Here’s what to do when your freezer isn’t freezing.

How do freezers work?

Freezers work the same way, whether you have a fancy smart fridge or a standard one. They use:

  • A refrigerant to help absorb heat from inside the unit.
  • A compressor to increase the refrigerant's temperature and pressure. 
  • Condenser coils to dissipate the heat outside the freezer.

5 common reasons your freezer may not be cooling properly

Freezers can be finicky, and several usual suspects could be causing your freezer to lose its cool. When your freezer isn’t working as it should, start your search with these easy-to-find culprits. 

1. Air is escaping

A good seal on your freezer door is critical. If the seal is damaged or the door doesn't close properly, cold air can escape, and warm air can enter, lessening the freezer's ability to stay cool.

2. Dirty condenser coils

Dusty condenser coils can't release heat efficiently. Cleaning them can improve your freezer's ability to cool. First, unplug your freezer. Move the unit away from the wall, then use a vacuum or brush to clean the coils, which are usually on the back of your unit or its side panels. 

3. A blocked evaporator fan

When your freezer is cold but not freezing, the problem could be the fan. The evaporator fan moves cold air throughout the freezer. If ice buildup or other obstructions block the fan, it can't circulate air effectively, leading to cooling issues.

4. A faulty evaporator fan

If the evaporator fan is struggling or broken, it won't circulate cold air within the freezer. The fan may need to be repaired or replaced to keep your freezer working at its best.

5. A broken start relay

This part helps power the compressor. If it breaks, the compressor might not work correctly, preventing the freezer from cooling.

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