AT&T ProTech Mobile App

AT&T ProTech Mobile App

With AT&T ProTech, the answers to your headaches are right in your pocket.

Keeping up on the latest apps and gadgets to make your day run smoothly can be a challenge. With AT&T ProTech, which is part of AT&T Mobile Protection Pack and AT&T Multi-Device Protection Pack, the answers to your technological headaches are right in your pocket. When you have a question, call or chat with a live U.S.-based AT&T ProTech support expert. We have answers about your phone and the technology it connects with such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, apps, speakers, smart home, your car and more.

AT&T ProTech

Helpful ProTips

Even if you don’t subscribe to AT&T Mobile Protection Pack or AT&T Multi-Device Protection Pack, each week inside the AT&T ProTech app you will receive helpful ProTip cards designed to keep you up to speed on the latest technology, provide useful tips and tricks, and get help with some of the most frequently asked technology questions.

To give you the best help possible, a ProTech support expert may ask to view your screen. Depending on your device, we may need to request administration access to provide remote support. This access will only happen with your permission and will be disabled when the remote session ends.

Download & Registration Process

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Step 1

Enroll in Multi-Device Protection Pack or Mobile Protection Pack within 30 days of activating or upgrading your device.

Step 2

Once enrolled, select your device’s operating platform. Already have the app? Login Now

Step 3

Download the AT&T ProTech app and create an account to access the app and online features.