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How to tell if your Samsung Galaxy needs a new battery  

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Is your Samsung Galaxy acting up? Maybe it's struggling to hold a charge, or shutting down unexpectedly? Sounds like it might be time for a Samsung battery replacement. 

But how can you tell? At Verizon, we’re intimately familiar with all sorts of phones, and we know exactly what signs to look out for. Keep reading for five clear signs that your battery is acting up, the expert’s answer to how long a Samsung phone battery should last, and easy methods to check battery health yourself. 

Signs Your Galaxy phone may need a new battery 

Your trusty smartphone battery usually gives you some warning signs before calling it quits entirely. Here are some red flags to watch out for: 

  1. Swollen appearance: Check your phone for any signs of physical damage, like warping, bulging, or separation from the body. A swollen battery is a safety hazard, and requires IMMEDIATE attention. Don’t ignore this potentially dangerous sign! 

  2. Charging issues: Is your phone refusing to charge even when plugged in? Before panicking, try using a different charging cable and block. If the problem persists, it's probably a battery issue. 

  3. Sluggish performance: Are apps taking forever to open, or is your Galaxy responding slower than usual? A worn-out battery could be the culprit. 

  4. Dies faster than it should: If your Samsung Galaxy struggles to hold a charge, or drains quickly after charging —especially if it's also getting unusually warm—it's likely time to replace the battery. 

  5. Random restarts or shutdowns: If your Galaxy S10 keeps shutting down or rebooting unexpectedly, malware may be to blame. If the issue persists, consult an expert for assistance.  

How long should a Samsung phone battery last? 

The lifespan of your phone's battery depends on various factors, like your usage habits and charging patterns. On average, you can expect your Samsung Galaxy S10 battery to last around 2–3 years, or roughly 300 to 500 charge cycles—whichever comes first. One charge cycle is measured by fully charging your phone's lithium-ion battery, draining it completely, and then charging it back up again. 

How to Check Battery Health on a Samsung Galaxy 

Curious about your phone’s battery health? Follow these easy steps to get a comprehensive report:  

  1. Go to Settings > Battery and Device Care > Battery. 

  2. To check app usage and remaining battery since your last charge:  - Swipe left or right to view the Usage Since Last Full Charge graph.  - Tap the graph to see usage by App. 

  3. To review your battery usage over the past 7 days:  - Swipe left or right to view the Last 7 Days graph.  - Tap the graph to examine individual app usage. 

Want to know more about your Samsung phone battery? Check out these 7 helpful tips for monitoring, maintaining, and extending your Android phone lifespan.

Remember, a healthy battery means a happy Galaxy S10, and uninterrupted usage for you. 

So keep an eye out for those warning signs, and please—don't hesitate to reach out if you need a hand. Your Tech Coach Expert is here to help. Call or chat today.

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