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When to replace your iPhone battery 

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Newer iPhone models use rechargeable lithium ion batteries, which are lightweight and faster-charging than ever. But while this advanced tech helps mitigate reduced performance from wear and time, all batteries degrade over time. That means even your iPhone battery won't last forever: after a while, it slows down, and a full charge doesn't last as long as it used to. 

But how do you know when it's time for an iPhone battery replacement? Here’s a list of signs to keep an eye out for from Verizon Tech Coach experts. 

4 signs it’s time to replace your iPhone battery 

1. Short iPhone Battery Life

If your phone constantly needs charging and doesn't last a day, it might be the battery. 

2. Sluggish Performance

Slow apps or unexpected shutdowns can indicate a battery issue. 

3. Poor Battery Capacity

Go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health to see how your battery is doing. Look for the maximum capacity percentage. For a healthy battery, it should be above 80%. 

4. Degraded Battery Health

If you see a message saying, "Your battery is supporting normal peak performance," you're good—that means everything is normal. But if you see a message about unexpected shutdowns or degraded battery health, like “Your battery's health is significantly degraded” or “This iPhone is unable to determine battery health, it may be time for a new iPhone battery. 

You can’t stop your iPhone battery from aging. However, by following best practices like keeping iOS up to date and avoiding extreme temperatures, you can extend its lifespan. If you do wind up needing a battery replacement, don’t fret. When done by a professional, replacing your iPhone battery is easy and affordable.  

And if you’re still having issues with your iPhone battery, no sweat. Tech Coach Expert is here to help. Call or chat today.

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