Cracked screen? Texting on a date? You’re being judged.

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Cracked screen? Texting on a date? You’re being judged.

Is your cracked screen cramping your style?

Beware of the Cracked Screen Critic! Some say a person’s harshest critic is themselves, but when it comes to our phones, the judgiest ones could be sitting just across the table from us on a romantic first date.

A new Asurion survey dipped into the dating scene and uncovered an ever-observant minority. Apparently, 22% of respondents think that a person with a cracked screen is clumsy. 24% think someone with a cracked screen is not financially responsible. Ouch. 10% wouldn’t consider a second date after discovering a cracked screen. Yowza!

Millennials can be old fashioned, too.

Despite their heavy use of dating apps and social media, the majority of Millennials prefer an old school approach to a traditional date: No phones at the table. According to a recent Asurion survey, over half of Millennial respondents said they think it’s rude when their date whips out a phone for some mindless scrolling and texting. When the generation that lives and breathes for its phones says it’s not cool to use your phone on a date, it’s not cool to use your phone on a date.

Another thing that would make their grandmothers beam with pride? Millennials are 30% more likely than Generation X-ers to rule out someone who asks them out via text, as opposed to a phone call. Looking to secure a second date? Pick up that portable alarm clock/texting/newsfeed machine and make a phone call!

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