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Tech Tips

How-to articles and guides from our experts to help you get the most out of your tech

Woman's Samsung tablet frozen on a black screen

What to do when your Samsung tablet is frozen

Is your Samsung tablet frozen and unresponsive? We've got your back.

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Samsung tablet in need of repair.

How to factory reset a Samsung tablet

Learn everything you need to know about factory resetting your Samsung tablet, from backing up your data to the reset process itself.

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Couple stream tv together in living room.

Are you getting the best streaming quality possible?

Learn practical tips for improving your streaming experience.

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Android device with scary skull cartoon on screen

Can Android tablets get viruses?

Worried about viruses on your Android tablet? Asurion Experts explain the risks and offer tips for keeping your tablet secure from malware and other threats.

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Close up of person's hands removing an Android phone battery

Signs you need to replace your Android phone battery

Learn when your phone battery needs to be replaced, whether from damage or age.

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close up view of the screen on an Alexa device

How to use Alexa to save money on your energy bills

Asurion Experts explain how your Alexa device can help lower your energy bills.

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close up of hands repairing a Samsung Galaxy phone

Samsung Galaxy phone repair: Should you DIY?

Learn the pros and cons of repairing your Samsung Galaxy phone yourself. Asurion Experts explain whether the risks of further damage outweigh the savings.

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Person holding Google Pixel having problems

7 most common Google Pixel issues and how to fix them

Asurion Experts list the top software and hardware issues for the Google Pixel phone that consumers run into and share tips for how to repair them.

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