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How-to articles and guides provided by our experts that will help you take care of your tech.

Amazon Echo Dot

6 surprising things your Amazon Alexa and Google Home can do

Stop an intruder? Tune your guitar? Plan a vacation? Yes, your virtual assistant can help you do much more than check the weather.

TV in room

Tips to protect and extend the life of your TV

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water damage on iPad

What to do if your iPad gets wet

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a Samsung Galaxy Watch and a phone

How to connect a Samsung Galaxy Watch to your phone

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Optimizing your phone and fixing its problems fast

Samsung Galaxy phone

Samsung Galaxy touch screen not working? What to do

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iPhone image

What to do if iPhone says liquid detected in Lightning port

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Google Pixel phone

How to make your Google Pixel battery last longer

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Managing your connected devices and game consoles

MacBook Pro on the desk

What to do if your MacBook Pro screen is flickering

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a Nintendo Switch

How to fix a Nintendo Switch that keeps overheating

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woman adjusting a thermostat

Save money and electricity with these 4 smart home devices

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Getting the most out of your major home appliances

fingers pressing on a washer button

How to fix a washer that keeps filling with water

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woman cleaning her stove top

How to clean your stove top without damaging it

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load dishwasher

How to properly load your dishwasher

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Fast Fixes: Videos for all your tech

Xbox controller

Xbox controller won’t stay on? Here’s how to fix it

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PS4 controller

How to fix PS4 controller drift

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lost Android phone

How to easily find your lost Android phone

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