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Tech Tips

How-to articles and guides from our experts to help you get the most out of your tech

Should you repair or replace your broken tech?

4 questions to help you decide what's right for you, your wallet, and the environment.

Person preparing iPhone for trade-in

How to get the highest trade-in value for your iPhone

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How much memory do you need on your laptop

How much memory do you really need on your laptop?

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Man setting up smart camera in home securely

How to protect your smart security cameras from hackers

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Keeping your phone working at its best

Why is phone running slow Speed up slow iPhone Android Asurion

Slow phone? Speed it up with these tips

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What to do if your phone has been hacked

How to tell if your phone has been hacked

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Woman holding cell phone during bad weather

Ways to stay connected when bad weather strikes

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Managing your connected devices and game consoles

Woman in her home using surprising features of a smart thermostat

6 surprising ways a smart thermostat can transform your home

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How to fix lag multiplayer games

How to fix lag when playing online multiplayer games

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Family relaxes with multiple devices connected to home internet.

9 easy things you can do to make your home internet faster

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Getting the most out of your major home appliances

Woman loading dishwasher

Things you should be doing to make your appliances last longer (but probably aren't)

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Noisy dryer

What to do if your dryer is making loud noises

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Person loading dishes into a dishwasher

Yes, there is a right way to load your dishwasher

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Fast Fixes: videos for all your tech

How to choose the best smart home hub for you

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Common battery myths debunked

5 myths about the batteries in your tech

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Money apps & privacy: Settings you should change

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But wait, there’s more—check out all of our tech tips for help troubleshooting your gadgets