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How-to articles and guides from our experts to help you get the most out of your tech

Avoid a summer bummer: 8 ways to summerproof your tech

Summer is the most dangerous time of year for your tech. Here's how to protect your favorite devices from heat, water, and more.

Multiple tech devices with lithium batteries

5 common myths about the batteries in your favorite tech

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How to get the most out of your tech when you travel

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Top 5 online scams and how to avoid them

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Keeping your phone working at its best

Girl looks at a cracked phone

Top 5 risks of using a phone with a cracked screen

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Hand holding Samsung Galaxy phone

Samsung phone FAQ: Answers from our experts

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Woman using waterproof phone in pool

Water-resistant vs. waterproof: What's the difference when it comes to phones?

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Managing your connected devices and game consoles

Woman in her home using surprising features of a smart thermostat

6 surprising ways a smart thermostat can transform your home

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Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch controllers arranged on a table

How to make your video game console last for years

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close up view of the screen on an Alexa device

How to use Alexa to save money on your energy bills

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Getting the most out of your major home appliances

Woman loading dishwasher

Things you should be doing to make your appliances last longer (but probably aren't)

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Noisy dryer

What to do if your dryer is making loud noises

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Person loading dishes into a dishwasher

Yes, there is a right way to load your dishwasher

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Fast Fixes: videos for all your tech

Is Alexa always listening to your conversations?

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Are smart locks safe? What you need to know

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How to set up an Apple Watch for your child

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