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The ultimate guide to choosing the right kitchen appliances

Man shopping for new home appliances

You’ve finally got the chance to make your kitchen your own—and give it a little upgrade—with some new appliances. But where do you start?

You don’t have to lose yourself in your local home improvement store to figure it out. Asurion's experts are here to help with all of your appliance needs, from setup to maintenance and protection. Here's what they suggest you consider when you're choosing appliances for your new kitchen.

Create a plan

Before you start appliance shopping, you’ll want to create a plan. Without one, you could spend more money than you wanted or end up with a kitchen that doesn't really work for your family. 

Layout and budget

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Getting a handle on the layout can influence how everyone in your family moves through their daily routines.

Before you start demo-ing your kitchen, you’ll want to have an idea of what kind of kitchen you’re creating, what'll work best within the space you have available, and what you’re willing to spend. Understanding those three things first will keep you from spending hours at the home improvement store or finding yourself overwhelmed down the line.

Function and lifestyle

Make your life easier by taking note of the flow of your kitchen. If you’re a cook who prefers the traditional “kitchen triangle”—the stove, fridge and sink—to be within steps of each other, that limits the flow of your kitchen. Determining how you’ll use the space can keep you from spending the bulk of your budget on a 6-burner gas range when your family primarily eats at restaurants.

If you’ve been eyeing a few new smart appliances, now’s the chance to upgrade. Smart appliances can connect to your Wi-Fi and your smart home system. You’ll be surprised how many “smart” options most appliances have. 

Styles and finishes

Time to break out the vision board. The style of appliances, their materials, and their finishes can help visually bring out the best in any kitchen. Specific finishes can also affect the cost and availability of an appliance. 

The trend for kitchens leans towards sleek stainless steel, making those appliances less expensive and easier to find. On the other hand, more bespoke or vintage-appearing appliances are harder to get your hands on and come with higher prices.  

Choosing appliances

Once you’ve laid out your vision for the space and decided what'll work best for you and your family, you’re ready to start on the fun part: picking out appliances. Today’s kitchen isn't your grandma’s kitchen—there are many more configurations and high-tech features available in appliances today than in years past and sifting through all of them can get overwhelming. Here’s where we suggest you get started.

Refrigerators and freezers

When shopping for appliances, start with the largest and‌ the most important item in the kitchen—the refrigerator.

They come in different kinds of configurations: Side-by-side, freezer on the bottom, or having the freezer separate from the fridge. All of them come in different finishes and styles. Stores carry them at varying price points, making even the standard fridge accessible. You even have the option to add wine coolers and drink drawers as accessories. Don’t be afraid to spend a little more of the budget here and scale the other appliances down.

If setting up the perfect smart home is your goal, smart refrigerators are a must-have as they offer more smart features than any other kitchen appliance. 

Cooktops and ovens

Whether you favor gas, electric, or induction cooktops, they're all easy to use and, depending on model and brand, smart app compatible.

Electric and induction cooktops are more energy-efficient and won’t increase your gas bill the way a gas range would. They’re both easier to clean and, in the case of induction ranges, offer more precise temperature controls.

If you prefer burners that get to the temperature you need with very little wait time—with the option to char-grill vegetables when the recipe calls for it—gas is the way to go. Another great case for gas ranges is getting to roast marshmallows over an open flame whenever the mood strikes. 

Moving beyond cooktops, you have to consider whether you want a separate wall oven or a range that combines both into one appliance. You’ll find ranges are less expensive than buying them separately. Though, you could always have both. 

Range hoods

The new generation of range hoods rstill quickly remove cooking odors and effectively circulate air within the kitchen like the old ones. What's changed is the ability to pair it with your cooktop using Bluetooth™. If the option to turn your range hood on at the turn of a cooktop dial is what you’re after, opt for a smarter range hood.

Microwaves and warming drawers

The best microwaves double as either warming drawers or range hoods—depending on where you place them—solving two appliance problems at one price. If you are doing a limited remodel and don’t want to change the footprint of your kitchen too much, there are slim under-the-cabinet options as well as ones that sit on the countertop. 


Dishwashers have come a long way from being that ugly machine that makes way too much noise and isn’t great at cleaning dishes. Most are now whisper-quiet and have interiors that maximize every inch of space—meaning fewer loads of dishes because everything fits the first go-round.

Some manufacturers even have apps that connect your dishwasher to your smartphone. So the next time you load the dishes before bed and forget to start it, you can start a load from bed or wherever.


Think sinks can't be smart? Think again. Choosing the right sink is more than deciding how many basins you’ll need or how deep it should be. There are now more features available for sinks that can make cooking and cleaning easier. From one-touch control that lets you turn the water on and off with a tap of your elbow or, better yet, voice control, dealing with raw food just got a bit more palatable. 

Protect your new appliances

With Asurion Appliance+®, you can get hassle-free coverage for your new appliances and the existing ones in your home, regardless of brand or where you bought them. Plus, you’ll get 24/7 troubleshooting support to keep your appliances running as they should when you need them the most. Learn more about Asurion Appliance+™ coverage and how you can get total peace of mind protection.

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